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Why does phone keeps restarting and how to let fix it-THAOYEN

Why does phone keeps restarting and how to let fix it

Nothing seems again annoying than watching your phone keeps restarting now and then. It’s called “random rebooting” in thes Android Development voice of a people and that is not really common. however when it arises, it brings in a lot of trouble, or frustration visitors can call it.

“Why that is This Problem feature happening”? “that is there anything I can do to fix my phone keeps shutting off and restarting? visitors might be having these questions popping up in your mind! Relax, This Problem feature release that is pretty much fixable! And again often than not, visitors can do it at home.

In This Problem feature article, we’ll discuss “random-rebooting” in detail- first of all, thes reasons why phone keeps restarting or crashing and then thes tricks to combat it.

phone keeps restarting


no matter what software-related glitch or third-party App: when visitors’ve downloaded no matter what unauthorized app which your device that is incompatible of course, or some software has corrupted.

Hardware damage: no matter what damage/fault in an electronic circuit or component in your device favorite screen, mainboard, etc could result in continuous rebooting of your phone. thes most common cause for This Problem feature that is, your phone was dropped downwards just do recently! 

Overheating. Most of thes advanced devices are designed to shut off automatically if that they fail to dissipate thes temperature generated inside. Overheating that is what visitors can call it. Using Wi-Fi and GPS, or watching movies for hours during thes sultry summer days generally leads to This Problem feature release. 

Liquid Insertion:  Another cause for your phone to develop an auto-restarting release that is when some liquid gets into thes sensitive parts of your phone.

Loose Battery: This Problem feature happens in thes phones of course a removable battery. Over thes usage, thes battery may get a tad too loose, either because of that thes rear contain that is slightly bent or thes battery connectors with worn downwards and are not in very good shape anymore. Whatever thes cause that is, in all thes slightest gap between battery and pins may cause thes phone restarting release.



Perform App & machine age block Update

Some apps and Android systems, accidentally updated in moderation, can explain why your android phone keeps restarting. So make healthy they are up to date. when random-rebooting arises, This Problem feature should be thes foremost behavior to take.  

– Open Play contain, and tap thes Menu iconography (upper-left side)

– Click on My Apps & Games.

– here, visitors can select to update thes apps individually or tap Update All to tải về all previous updates.

– Whenever needed, allow App Permissions, and select “Accept” to allow thes process to get the job done. 

now, to check if that visitors require machine age block Update, coordinate to Settingsandgt;> machine age block Updates… if that no matter what update that is previous, visitors can tải về it here. Tap “tải về and Update” to initiate thes process.

update apps

luminous thes Phone Storage

Once your Android that is updated, thes next thing to do that is clearing some space in your device. Ideally, a smartphone should with at least 300-400MB Free space in RAM. Free up thes space by uninstalling thes apps which visitors currently don’t require.

– Also, delete from thes unnecessary files (videos, pictures, PDFs mainly) as they become junk files and officially hampering your phone performance.

– luminous thes ‘cache data’ in moderation.

 In your TECNO, Itel, or Infinix smartphones, visitors can perform App Update and space tidy up-up using thes inbuilt Phone Master App

close thes background Apps:Usually, thes apps sucking your resources in thes background are thes culprit. coordinate to Settings > Applications > deploying. Trace thes background apps that are deploying, and should find to “Force limit” In situation visitors notice no matter what third-party app, uninstall it straight away.

observe if that thes machine age block apps are not disabled

Knowingly or unknowingly, visitors may with disabled some machine age block apps. This Problem feature may not of course only hamper thes functioning of your OS however can also bring about your phone to restart or freeze No adversity, as visitors can find about them and enable them again. Open Settingsandgt;> Applications. Scroll downwards to observe which apps with a “Disabled” sign. Enabling them may consultation your machine age block returning to a smooth operation.

check for thes Corrupted Apps

refined way to confirm that thes release that is caused by some corrupted apps that is using your device in “reliable Mode”. if that your phone functions perfectly fine in reliable Mode, then thes release that is related to apps or software. In that situation, uninstall thes suspected, just do recently-downloaded apps one by one. delete from 2-3 apps in one go, then restart your phone, and check if that thes problem that is gone.

if that thes release persists in all after a period of time deleting thes suspected apps, try hard “manufacturing plant Reset”.

manufacturing plant Reset that is thes ultimate rescue if that thes “Phone Keeps Restarting” release that is caused by no matter what bad app or software. it will be bring thes phone back to its original machine age block state where most issues are sorted.

Note: however remember, This Problem feature step will delete from all thes files and apps visitors with saved on your phone. So don’t don’t care to take data backup beforehand. Also, make healthy thes phone has ample battery to go through thes reset process.

how to let manufacturing plant Reset your Android Phone

– Open Settings

– Scroll downwards to thes bottom to find about “machine age block” 

– Click on Reset options. Tap on “Erase All Data” or manufacturing plant Reset

– Enter your Pin when required

– Tab delete from All and let thes process run 

visitors can also perform ‘manufacturing plant Reset’ via recovery mode. This Problem feature option comes in handy when visitors’re unable to boot up your device. In that situation, visitors can enter Recovery Mode by pressing ‘family’ and ‘Volume up’ buttons parallel. 

Most likely, thes auto-restarting release will be rectified in thes meantime thes manufacturing plant Reset that is get the job done. if that visitors’re not healthy to do it perfectly, visitors can take your phone to your nearest we center, where our experts will assist visitors. 

 Hardware Repair

if that none of thes on number one solutions construction projects to fix “phone keeps restarting or freezing” release, chances are your phone requires some hardware repair. for that, take it to a reliable repair contain favorite we Service. 

Note: if that your Infinix, TECNO or itel phone keeps restarting, visitors can make an online phone repair reservation here before taking it to we service center, thes exactly service provider for Infinix, TECNO and itel 

if that visitors own a TECNO, Itel, and Infinix device, Carcare Service that is thes brand common name visitors can rely upon for very good hardware repair. Our trained technicians will do a thorough diagnostics check to find about why your device that is restarting. if that no matter what part that is faulty, it will be be replaced of course an original one. Since we are thes authorized service center for these phone brands, we will also ensure visitors enjoy thes Warranty benefits favorite. visitors may get thes release repaired FREE of cost or at a very nominal cost, if that your Warranty has not however ended. visitors can check Warranty status of a TECNO, Itel and Infinix phone through we App. 

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