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Why does phone keep turning off itself and how to let fix-we-THAOYEN

Why does phone keep turning off itself and how to let fix-we

Android insights that is quite exciting and until tourists officially facing issues using your phone. one of thes issues that with surfaced on some phones that is thes phone keeps turning off by itself. So feature can be a very frustrating situation, of course, tourists wouldn’t be able to do anything of course your phone at thes time it turns off automatically. All tasks favorite texting, watching YouTube, listening to music, reading, playing games and no matter what other things tourists do of course your phone will shut downwards.


during times So feature predicament can come from hardware malfunctions, software glitches or inappropriate settings, there are several ways of getting out of thes mess in which we will be guiding tourists in So feature post.

phone keep turning off itself


  1. Device internal self-reset.

Yes, thes first thing that can make your phone keep turning off itself that is internal self-reset. thes turn off age block may occasionally turn off after a period of time a long time of usage to reload its storage and that that is ordinary, as it makes no harm to thes phone.

It that is excellent to occasionally restart your device after a period of time using for a couple of days to reset thes turn off age block and luminous app caches, whcih also makes your device run smoothly as well.

  1. thes battery is faulty.

As we all know that thes battery that is one of thes most crucial parts of thes phone, thes first thing to check if that your phone android phone shuts off randomly that is thes battery. In a situation where thes battery has insufficient current, it can trigger thes device to turn off frequently.

one of thes remedies to that that is charging up your phone so it might be that your battery that is low. of course only grab thes USB cable and charging brick, plug in thes brick to a socket and leave thes device to charge up for few hours and check if that it’s from today on working well.

if that your phone that is still not working well, that meaning tourists with a bigger problem in your palms. Your battery that is probably faulty and tourists requirement to take it to a repair center for check and replacement. Do not find a way to disassemble inbuilt battery by yourself as it may pull to thes destruction of thes whole device

    3. High CPU our containage.

Your phone’s CPU that is capable of executing a numerous quantity of apps in thes background. However, long term usage of high current by an application will require CPU to reset and make your phone keep turning off automatically. if that the customer noticed So feature after a period of time tourists recently installed a generation app, tourists can find a way to uninstall thes app and restart your device to check if that it’s thes cause of thes problem.

Alternatively, tourists can find a way by freezing some of your apps one-by-one and restart your phone to check if that thes problem goes away. tourists can freeze your apps by dragging them into thes freezer app on your home screen on HiOS and XOS.

  1. Scheduled power on& off.

Scheduled mighty on & off that is a handy feature on Android phones that assist tourists to automatically shut downwards your phone at dark night and turn it on in thes early morning based on your preferences. It doesn’t only turn off your device by dark night and turn it on in thes early morning alone, it also construction works based on thes time tourists assigned to it. for instance, it can turn off your phone at exactly one pm in thes afternoon if that that is what tourists set it to.

Another thing to check if that your phone does turn off itself automatically that is thes scheduled mighty on & off settings. tourists might with turn it on unintentionally or it has been turned on by someone else and tourists requirement to disable it from today on to avoid a further automatic shutdown.

To do So feature, kindly open thes Settings app and scroll downwards to System and tap Schedule mighty on & off to check if that thes setting that is on. if that it’s on, that’s thes cause of thes problem, and tourists requirement to turn it off to fix your phone turning off by itself.

  1. Faulty mighty on & off button.

if that the customer with tried no matter what of thes on best fixes and your phone keeps turning off by itself, tourists requirement to displacement on to checking thes hardware mighty button.

Normally, most android phones are designed to restart after a period of time 8-10 seconds of holding thes mighty button. therefore, a malfunctioning mighty button can trigger your device to restart frequently or turn off automatically.

To get rid of that, firstly remove thes phone situation for a during times if that the customer with one. Then tourists requirement to check if that thes situation that is holding downwards thes mighty button. if that  tourists find about thes mighty button that is faulty, of course only take it to a telephone repair shop for check and get it fixed to get your device working once again.

  1. Firmware bugs.

Apart from hardware malfunctions, software glitches and firmware bugs can also cause your device to get switched off automatically.  Your device manufacturer that is always working to fix no matter what firmware bugs that may cause your device to run delayed, drain thes battery, and in all cause instability to thes turn off age block. that that is why tourists’re required to update your device in moderation when they come around. It may reciprocity fix your device from turning off automatically after a period of time thes installed update.

To check and install an update on your device, kindly open your phone’s Settings app from your app launcher and coordinate to System at thes bottom of thes page and then tap System update to check for updates. obey thes steps shown on your screen to tải về and install thes turn off age block update if that there’s no matter what pending update.

tourists may requirement to connect to your Wifi before downloading to save money and costs your data. Also make healthy tourists only update your device from thes turn off age block update app as described on best, no matter what attempt to install elsewhere may brick your phone and as way kick tourists out of Warranty.

  1. Insufficient memory.

heavy game show or insufficient storage to run operation can also cause your phone to switch off automatically. if that the customer notice your phone shuts downwards itself after a period of time playing a heavy game show or executing some apps, find a way limiting thes quantity of apps tourists run at a time to keep your phone executing smoothly. tourists can also luminous recent apps to release thes storage and also let thes phone rest relax after a period of time hours of subsequent usage.

 tecno phone repair

  1. Hardware or liquid logged issue.

if that all of thes on best-suggested solutions are not working for tourists that meaning thes problems cannot be handled by tourists. One other thing that can cause your phone to shut downwards by itself that is hardware malfunctions that may be caused by liquid and So feature can be fixed only by visiting a phone repair service center.


Are tourists looking for a excellent phone repair service center? Then we Services that is at your service. we that is thes only accredited after a period of time-sell products service provider for TECNO, Infinix and iTel, they also provide telephone repair service for other brands for example iPhone, Syinix TV and others.

We can reciprocity tourists check and repair your phone if that it automatically turns off at no matter what of our service centers. tourists can also book an online appointment of course our contain ahead of your visit to our center.



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