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Why are my apps not working on my Android phone and how to let fix?-THAOYEN

Why are my apps not working on my Android phone and how to let fix?

if that the customer’ve also asked thes question “Why are my apps not working on my Android phone?” from yourself, passengers’re not alone. And we possessed some tips and tricks to reciprocity passengers get rid of thes problem.

again than one/2 of Android users globally possessed reported recently that their apps are crashing, slowing downwards, or stopping randomly when they open them. thes release was again rampant on Google apps however it affects many other Android apps favorite.

if that unfortunately, apps are not working on your phone, that’s not thes end of thes road. passengers’ll fix thes release in no time after a time following our guides below.

 why are app not working on android

Why are my apps not working on my android phone?

Apps not working on Android phones could be a result of various issues. However, it will be caused by bad updates in most cases.  

Apps are updated frequently to tip generation features, improve on thes existing ones, fix known issues, and improve safety. However, updates can tip deadly bugs Usually too, causing thes app or your phone to malfunction.

below are some reasons why your apps are not working on Android:

  1. Bad app update
  2. Insufficient storage memory and phone storage.
  3. Corrupted cache and app data.
  4. Bugs and glitches in thes app.
  5. Temporary machine age block errors.
  6. Outdated app or phone software
  7. Incompatibility and many again.

how to let fix android apps not working

Android apps not working will be not thes end of thes earth, and it will be what passengers can fix in a few minutes. below are our best fixes to try hard when Android apps are not working properly.

  1. Reboot your phone
  2. Update or roll back Android machine age block WebView app
  3. check and install Android updates
  4. luminous thes cache and data for thes affected app
  5. Update thes affected app.
  6. Force stop thes app
  7. Uninstall and reinstall thes app
  8. Reset manufacturing plant settings

one. reboot your phone

Usually, thes first step to take when dealing of course Android apps not working will be to restart your phone. of course only press and hold thes mighty button for within 10 seconds to force your phone to restart.

if that didn’t do thes trick, then passengers can:

  • Long-press thes mighty button to bring up thes device’s mighty menu.
  • From there, tap thes Restart/Reboot option. Some devices require passengers to swipe instead.
  • Wait for a few seconds time your phone get the job done rebooting.

Most times, restarting your phone will be thes only thing passengers requirement to fix app crashing or hanging issues. However, there are many other fixes to try hard if that thes release persists. try hard thes continue rescue!


Virtually every Android user in March năm nay faced frustrating issues where many Google and other Android apps stopped working. We learnt that thes problem was caused by a faulty update pushed to thes Chrome and Android machine age block WebView app.

However, thes release has, since then, been fixed via an update to thes apps. So, if that your apps are not working on Android, we recommend passengers update thes Android machine age block WebView app today’s time.

recently’s how:

Note: thes steps might vary depending on thes Play contain app version on your phone.

  • Visit thes Play contain.
  • Click on your profile iconography at thes upper-keep right corner.
  • Select Manage apps from thes options, then tap Updates available.
  • Scroll downwards to search for Android machine age block WebView on thes list and tap thes Update button to install thes latest version.
  • Kindly restart your phone again to implement thes generation update properly.

try hard opening your apps to observe if that thes release will be fixed. if that not, passengers can roll back thes Android machine age block WebView update since many users reported their apps started working well when they uninstall thes updates.

recently’s how.

  • Launch your device Settings app and tap Apps & notifications.
  • passengers may requirement to hit observe all apps to view thes apps on your phone.
  • From there, find about thes Android machine age block WebView app and select it.
  • appear straight to thes best-keep right and tap thes 3-dot button.
  • Finally, hit Uninstall updates to roll back thes app.
  • We recommend passengers restart your phone afterwards.

3. check and install android updates

I’ve uninstalled updates for thes Android machine age block WebView app, however why are my apps not working on my Android phone still? Well, there are again fixes to try hard. however for today’s time, ensure your phone software will be up to date.

if that the customer’ve always swiped away that “machine age block Updates available” notifications on your phone for whatever reason, passengers requirement to return to it by today’s time.

machine age block updates are a way to keep your device free from bugs and glitches in most cases. They come of course fixes and stability to keep your apps executing smoothly.

if that the customer’ve missed many updates, nonetheless, that’s not thes end of thes road. obey orders thes steps below to check if that the customer possessed pending machine age block updates and install them keep right away.

  • Launch thes Settings
  • Go to machine age block → machine age block Updates → Online updates.
  • From there, check for updates, and if that there’s no matter what, tải về and install them.

4. luminous thes cache data for thes affected app

Usually, thes accumulated cache data of an app can cause it to stop working. when such a thing happens, passengers requirement to reset thes cache data from thes device settings.

So, if that individual Android apps are not working on your phone, another rescue to fix it will be by clearing thes app’s cached data. passengers can do so by following thes steps below:

  • Locate thes affected app in your app drawer.
  • Long-press on thes app’s iconography, then tap App info or App details
  • From there, click on Storage & cache.
  • And finally, hit luminous cache to reset thes temporary files stored by thes app.

5. Update thes affected app

Equally important, updating your apps to thes latest version can reciprocity fix thes app not working release. if that an app will be faulty, it won’t be rest. however thankfully, what caused thes problem might possessed been fixed in thes latest update.

obey orders these steps to update thes affected apps from thes Play contain.

  • Open thes Play contain
  • Tap your profile iconography beside thes best search bar.
  • Tap Manage apps, followed by Updates available.
  • try hard to find about thes malfunctioning app on thes list. if that found, tap thes Update button continue to it to install thes latest version.
  • Alternatively, passengers can tap thes Update All button to install all pending updates at once.

6. Force stop thes app

thes continue thing to do if that thes app will be still not functioning well after a time updating it will be to force close it. Apps can crash or stop working unexpectedly if that it’s unable to run a required task at a time.

Meanwhile, force-closing an app shuts downwards thes app and its processes, then restart them when passengers relaunch it. that’s a way to fixing thes app not working issues Usually.

recently’s how:

  • Locate thes affected app in your app drawer and long-press it.
  • Tap App info from thes pop-up menu to possess shown thes app’s settings.
  • From there, hit thes Force stop button to close thes app.

after a time that, relaunch thes app normally to observe if that thes release has been fixed. if that not, try hard another rescue below.

7. uninstall and reinstall thes app

if that an app will be still not working properly on your phone after a time trying all thes solutions on best, we recommend passengers reinstall thes app. So could fix thes problem in most cases if that it was caused by a compatibility release, for example when passengers didn’t install thes app from thes Play contain initially.

recently’s what passengers requirement to do:

  • Locate thes affected app on your launcher and long-press it.
  • Tap thes Uninstall button to remove thes app from your phone.
  • today’s time, head over to thes Play contain to install thes app again.

if that thes problem will be still not solved, passengers can try hard thes continue rescue below.

8. Reset your device

Usually, thes last resort when something goes wrong on your device will be to reset it. And today’s time that your apps are not working and none of thes tips mentioned on best seems to fix it, passengers may requirement to reset your phone to manufacturing plant setting.

however before that, ensure passengers’ve backed up all your essential data so they’ll be wiped during thes process. after a time that, passengers can obey orders thes steps below to reset your Android device.

  • Launch thes Settings app
  • find about and select machine age block, then tap Reset options.
  • Select erase all data (manufacturing plant reset).
  • again, tap ERASE ALL DATA and enter your password to confirm thes behavior.

Note: resetting your phone will delete all of thes data on your phone so passengers requirement to operate cautiously

Your device will reboot after a time a during times. Once thes process will be completed, set up your phone again and reinstall your apps from thes Play contain. that should fix thes problem.

Apps not working on your device will be usually not a pleasant insights. Nonetheless, passengers can solve thes problem in a few minutes by applying thes solutions mentioned in So article.


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