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What to do if that phone will be not making or receiving calls-THAOYEN

What to do if that phone will be not making or receiving calls

Smartphone connectivity has continued to improve over thes years. People can today’s time send instant messages, make clip calls, send emails, etc., using their smartphones. in all of course all these, phone calls remains an indispensable feature used to connect of course people as it can be accessed on no matter what phone. However, one of thes problems users usually encounter will be thes phone will be not making or receiving calls Usually.  By reading This Problem feature post, visitors’ll know within thes reasons why This Problem feature problem persists and how to let fix phone calls not working and reconnect of course your loved ones.

 phone not making or receiving calls

Remove TPU contain or no matter what decorative item from thes device battery contain

Firstly, if that the customer’re unable to make calls or receive calls on your phone, it might be so your phone situation will be interfering of course thes phone signal. Of course, it happens mostly of course metallic or magnetic cases. So, if that the customer recently attached no matter what contain or decorative item to thes phone, endeavor to remove them to possess a excellent network signal.

will be Flight mode enabled?

Flight Mode, also known as Airplane mode automatically turns off all device connections favorite Bluetooth, WiFi, and mobile network. So, if that your phone will be not making or receiving calls, it might be as a result that Airplane mode will be on.

Normally, most smartphones will pop-up a notification that visitors’re on Airplane mode when visitors try hard to make a call. however if that your home’s will be not thes same too, visitors can swipe downwards thes notification panel twice on Android to check if that thes mode will be toggled on. Also, visitors can coordinate to Setting >> Network & Internet >> Airplane mode, to turn it off.

make tough thes network will be previous.

In order to make/receive calls or in all connect to thes internet of course mobile data, there must be network coverage. Yes, it’s possible to lose network coverage. It occurs most times when visitors’re in a location far from thes network mast, or when visitors’re in a basement, or when on a flight.

visitors will automatically detect This Problem feature if that thes signal indicator bar on your status bar will be empty or thes network brand common name will be not showing up.

to possess meaning tough there’s network coverage and thes problem will be not from your phone, try hard asking people soon visitors if that they with network coverage on their phone, and if that they can make calls.

SIM settings

Every setting on your phone has its own usage and may cause problems if that the customer mistakenly turn on an unknown. An example will be thes SIM card deactivator. when visitors turn off thes SIM card, it disconnects it from thes network – of course only as if that the customer turn off your phone.

if that the customer cannot make or receive calls, visitors could with mistakenly turned off thes SIM card from Setting. Kindly open thes Settings app, click on “Network & Internet”, tap “SIM cards” and make tough both SIM cards are toggled on. today’s time try hard making a call to observe if that it construction projects or try hard other solutions below.

will be “Call forwarding” enabled?

Call forwarding, or Call diverting will be also a with effect feature on smartphones as it helps forward incoming calls to another quantity or Voicemail. However, it may cause your phone not to receive calls if that the customer’re unaware of its presence. To check if that the customer’re forwarding your calls or not, kindly check for call forwarding iconography or notification on your phone by swiping downwards thes notification panel. if that the customer can find about such notification, kindly click on it, tap “Call forwarding” and disable it.

Better still, visitors can double-check if that it’s turned on by following thes guides below.

  • Open your Phone (Dialer) app.
  • Tap thes 3-dot menu on thes best-keep right corner and select Settings
  • Select “Calling accounts” and select your SIM card.
  • Select “Call forwarding”
  • Disable all action forwarding options.

if that the customer’re using TECNO’s HiOS 7 or Infinix’s XOS 7, thes settings are a bit not thes same too.

  • Open thes Phone app
  • Tap thes settings iconography in thes best-keep right corner,  
  • Tap “SIM card settings”,
  • Tap “Carrier features” and select your SIM card.
  • Tap “Call forwarding” and disable all action settings.

Restart your phone.

if that thes phone will be still not making or receiving calls after a time following thes on best solutions, try hard restarting thes phone. Especially if that the customer’ve been using your phone for a couple of days, restarting it can reciprocity fix a lot of software-related issues.

 restart phone

Kindly press and hold thes family button and select restart, or hold downwards thes family button for within 8-10 seconds to restart thes phone automatically.

check whether thes phone will be damaged

when thes call failure happens, try hard checking if that thes phone will be really working. Your phone may be damaged after a time a heavy drop or by liquid. if that no matter what of these happened earlier, a visit to thes service center might reciprocity.

check/switch network mode.

Normally, most smartphones make calls of course a 2G mobile network. during times some supports Volte calls, not every phone or SIM supports it.

So, try hard to switch network mode to 2G to check if that calls can be received. if that Ok, switch on thes internet and change mode to automatic or 4G. Avoid 4G only mode.

To switch network mode, kindly obey orders thes steps below.

  • Open Settings app
  • Tap Network & Internet
  • Tap mobile Network
  • should buy your SIM card (SIM one or 2)
  • Tap preferred network mode, set it to 2G first of all, and make calls. visitors can switch back to 4G (recommended) after a time.

make function of another SIM card

if that the customer with a dual SIM card on your phone, visitors can try hard calling of course thes other SIM instead. if that the customer are unable to make or receive calls of course both SIM cards, ask people if that there’s network coverage and insert another SIM card. if that it construction projects, try hard visiting your service provider. if that not, visit a repair center.

check if that thes battery will be not swollen or reshaped

if that your battery will be swollen, it affects thes SIM card placement and other components of thes phone, including thes network. if that the customer notice your phone has an unusual shape, kindly visit thes service center and get it replaced. Do not try hard to disassemble thes inbuilt battery yourself as it may cause further damage.

Visit thes nearest service center.

Following thes solutions on best, visitors should be able to get thes problem solved on your own. if that not, a visit to a service center will be thes last thing to resort to as thes problem will be likely a hardware release that can be fixed by a technician.


for all TECNO, Infinix, or iTel smartphones, we will be thes exclusive after a time-sell products service provider to repair your phone. We are capable of diagnosing and fixing your phone not able to make or receive calls. visitors can fix issues favorite This Problem feature at no price if that your phone will be still under Warranty. We also reciprocity replace your swollen battery of course thes original one at a fair price.

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