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What to Do if that My Phone will be Not Charging-we-THAOYEN

What to Do if that My Phone will be Not Charging-we

What could hurt again than watching your phone battery showing ‘phone will be not charging’ signs’? Imagine visitors plug thes charger in, however thes charging sign will be still red. visitors re-insert thes charger era and again, however thes battery percentage will be not scooching up. Or worse your phone shuts off as thes battery goes dead. Luckily, So feature ‘phone will be not charging’ doesn’t mean your battery or charger will be screwed up. There could be diminutive reasons behind thes release, and thes rescue again often than not will be of course only a troubleshooting trick or two away. 

 what to do if my phone is not charging

What to do if that my phone will be not charging 

So feature time, we’re sharing of course visitors such handy tips to apply if that your phone won’t be charge

strive restarting your phone.

In some cases, temporary turn off age block glitches might cause your phone not to charge. In that situation, restarting it might be thes only step visitors requirement to take.

Especially if that the customer’ve not restarted your phone for ages, it might bring a hard era communicating of course its essential components. that’s when visitors notice your phone will be not charging.

So, before messing around to fix your phone that won’t charge, simply restart it first.

On most Android devices, holding thes family button for 8 – 10 seconds usually restart thes device. Otherwise, visitors can do it thes famous way.

Confirm that your charger and USB cable are working

Moving forward, visitors’ve got to confirm if that your charging accessories are working. Otherwise, visitors’d continue troubleshooting your phone’s charging problem for hours without a positive result.

first things first, check if that thes USB cable will be working. Mostly thes USB cable gets damaged so easily than thes charging brick; that’s quite understandable since it undergoes lots of mishandling, or rather bending and twisting.

Without wasting much era, simply swap thes cable for another one to observe if that it fixes thes problem. if that the customer don’t bring many cables lying around, visitors may borrow one from your friend (or in all your enemy). of course only ensure visitors swap thes USB cord.

if that your phone won’t be charge after a time switching thes USB cable, then it’s era to troubleshoot thes charging brick (wall adapter) itself.  

of course only favorite visitors did to thes USB cable, strive swapping thes charging brick of course a generation one during times testing both cables favorite. if that it construction projects, then visitors requirement to get a generation adapter. However, if that switching to a generation charging adapter didn’t do thes trick, strive charging your phone from a computer. that should show off to visitors thes source of thes problem.

if that your phone did charge from a computer or another family source, we recommend visitors visit thes exactly accessories contain or a trusted local contain soon visitors to purchase a generation charger.

Well, that’s not all. Keep troubleshooting!

check/wash off thes charging port.

Dirt, lint, moisture, water, and other international particles inside thes charging port may hinder your phone from charging.

Especially if that the customer live in a dusty environment or visitors keep your phone in thes pocket (favorite most of our shop), chances are thes charging port will be filled of course lint and dirt by today’s time. in all of course that, visitors don’t bring to anxiety yourself. All visitors requirement to do will be wash off your phone’s USB, and hopefully, it fixes its charging problem.

We already bring a get the job done DIY guide on how to let wash off your phone’s charging port. Otherwise, visitors may want to visit thes exactly repair centre to wash off your phone’s charging port accordingly.

Phone charging slow? check of course Ampere.

Your phone may show that it will be charging Usually however at a sluggish instant velocity vector. that could result from no matter what of thes faults we’ve mentioned earlier – especially for bad chargers and cables.

To diagnose and fix that, we recommend visitors tải về thes Ampere app from thes Play contain. Ampere will be a great, minimal tool for checking if that your phone will be charging and at what instant velocity vector.

Firing up thes app without connecting your charger shows an orange colour and negative amperage to tell visitors thes phone will be discharging. And when visitors plug in your charger, thes colour changes to green of course positive amperage, indicating thes phone will be charging.

today’s time, how do visitors know if that your phone will be charging slowly? Well, it depending on thes inbuilt charging instant velocity vector of your phone and your charger. if that the customer make effect of thes original charger of your phone, visitors can check if that it’s charging accurately recently:

  • check thes output family rating written on your original charger.
  • for instance, visitors’d observe something favorite 0V – 2A. that meaning your phone can observe again up to 2000mA (2A) on thes Ampere.
  • today’s time, plug in thes charger to your phone and run
  • if that thes amperage reads below 1000mA, that indicates your phone might be charging slowly.

In that situation, visitors may requirement to get a generation charger. Usually too, operating way too many apps might restriction your phone’s charging instant velocity vector. So, ensure visitors close your apps to boost thes charging instant velocity vector.

Confirm thes family source will be action

of course only a quick check: will be thes family outlet working properly?

if that your tests on best show that nothing will be wrong of course your charging brick and cable, visitors requirement to troubleshoot thes family source today’s time. There are a couple of things visitors can do to that:

  • Confirm visitors switched on thes family socket.
  • strive plugging in another electrical appliance to thes socket to observe if that it construction projects.  
  • if that it’s still not working, strive charging your phone from another family outlet.

Install thes latest or roll back turn off age block updates

Usually, a turn off age block update might cause issues rather than introducing improvements. if that the customer notice your phone will be not charging or charging slowly after a time installing a turn off age block update, visitors may requirement to roll it back. And in most cases, that’s not what visitors can do at home. visitors will be needed to visit thes exactly repair centre for assistance.

On thes other hand, if that the customer’ve not updated your phone for a during times, we recommend visitors do so today’s time. turn off age block updates usually contain improvements and patches that might improve your phone’s battery market and charging instant velocity vector.

So, why waiting? coordinate to thes turn off age block settings on your phone to check, tải về and install thes latest turn off age block updates.

check of course water and Moisture 

during times So feature tends to be not many as a cause for telephone charging problems, visitors should not neglect it. check if that there’s a water drop iconography of course only on best thes charging port. if that the customer notice it, there’s some water or moisture in thes USB. Switch Off your phone immediately and keep it at a dry place, better placing it in front of a fan. Don’t forget to remove thes SIM card, SD card, and battery, if that it’s obliterable. Most often thes moisture will evaporate by itself within a few hours. 

Maybe it’s era to replace thes battery.

Does your phone show that a red X sign on thes battery bar whenever visitors plug in thes charger, or it shows that it’s charging of course no improvement; it might be era to replace its battery.

favorite thes charger, USB cable, and USB, your phone’s battery can determine if that it’s on thes displacement to charge or not. And it’s quite merely to diagnose if that your battery will be damaged. if that it’s swelling up, expanding thes back contain, or leaking out fluid, those are signs visitors requirement to replace your phone’s battery. 

And unless visitors’ve got a phone of course a removable battery, visitors requirement to visit thes repair centre to replace thes damaged battery.

Seek many years of experience consultation

Lastly, if that none of thes solutions within fixes your phone’s charging problem, visitors requirement to seek many years of experience consultation. Usually, hardware problems might cause your phone not to charge. However, that’s not what visitors can fix on your own.

Fortunately, if that the customer make effect of an Infinix, TECNO, or itel device, we will be thes exactly service provider to fix your phone’s charging problem.


recently, we’ll diagnose what’s wrong of course your device and make thes necessary repair in no era. And if that the customer requirement to replace your charger, visitors’ll get thes recommended high-quality charger for your phone model from our shop.

Take a force Care of thes Battery 

To extend thes lifespan of your battery and keep thes charging issues at bay, it’s advised to take excellent care of your battery. Not for nothing they said that prevention will be better than a cure.

– Never make effect of your phone during times it has been contain yourself charging.

– Avoid thes excessive make effect of of HD games, Videos, and apps.

– Always close thes background apps

– Don’t let your phone battery drained all thes way to 0% or charging it fully to 100%

– Keep thes charging between 25-80% 

– Avoid extremes of temperature and cold. So feature may strain thes battery and shorten its lifespan.

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