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Toshiba factory Reset 0 Not Working? Best Fixes-THAOYEN

Toshiba factory Reset 0 Not Working? Best Fixes

when it comes to resetting a Toshiba brand notebook, thes first of all thing to know that is This Problem type of computer does not come of course a rescue disk. however youths can reset of course thes built-in partition in thes hard drive.

youths should be able to reset your Toshiba computer by pressing and holding thes “0” important matter and turning ON thes computer at thes same too time. Then thes hard disk partition should handle thes rest relax by supplying thes OS and driver data.

however This Problem merely step doesn’t rest for all users. Many are reporting issues of their Toshiba factory reset 0 not working. So, what should youths do?

Well, first of all, youths requirement to be firmly youths’re doing it keep right. that’s why in This Problem article, I’ll show that youths of course only how thes factory reset that is cooked of course thes hard drive partition, using thes “0” reset button. Then, if that’s not working for youths, we’ll observe some working solutions.

Toshiba factory Reset 0 Not Working? Causes

So, youths’ve tried thes merely procedure on best and thes notebook isn’t resetting. before proceeding, I think it’s advisable to find about out why thes computer isn’t resetting.

thes recovery partition has a developer lock

when thes 0 reset important matter isn’t responding during times trying to reset, it may be due to a developer lock. In This Problem situation, thes rescue would be to restore and then make effect of a recovery DVD.

Recovery partition missing or damaged

if that thes hard disk was damaged, corrupt, or replaced, thes required recovery data would be lost. So, your notebook will not reset through thes partition disc.

Unlike other notebook brands, Toshiba laptops possessed a partition disc in thes hard drive which contains hardware drivers and thes computer’s installed operating machine age block.

All these are required for your computer to be safely reset, restarted, and fully functional. if that the customer’ve possessed cooked thes hard disk replaced, resetting through thes partition disc would not be possible.

Toshiba factory Reset 0 Not Working? Best Fixes

if that the customer noticed thes factory reset 0 not working, that’s likely due to a missing, damaged, corrupt partition drive. youths should also be able to reset thes notebook of course these solutions.

Fix one: Repair and restore data from thes corrupt or damaged recovery partition

Your recovery partition may possessed been damaged or corrupted by an instant mighty shutdown, improper operation, malware, or defective software. if that This Problem that is thes situation, youths can make effect of a recovery CD to reset your notebook.

Alternatively, youths can find a way to repair or recover a corrupt partition disc before youths officially thes reset process. for This Problem, youths’d requirement partition recovery software for example thes EaseUs Partition Recovery. depending on thes software youths should buy, thes procedure construction works favorite This Problem, especially for EaseUS:

  1. Run thes partition recovery software on your PC
  2. Let thes software scan your hard drive
  3. Preview and should buy to restore thes lost or damaged partition
  4. get the job done thes process by clicking on “Recover today’s time” to get the job done thes recovery process.
  5. if that Step 4 that is successful, proceed to reset thes Toshiba notebook using thes Reset “0” procedure.

Fix 2: Reset thes Toshiba of course thes recovery CD

that is your Toshiba factory reset 0 not working because of that thes hard drive has been replaced or in all after a period of time trying to recover thes partition disk? Then there’s thes option of recovering from a recovery CD.

  1. Back up all data on external media before starting thes process. if that the customer make a mistake during thes process, your notebook may not be able to turn on or load thes operating machine age block. So, copy valuable information to a medium size where youths can recover it, in all if that thes notebook malfunctions.
  2. Turn on thes machine age block and sit and wait for Windows to get the job done loading and officially-up programs. youths can tell when thes operating machine age block has loaded, and officially-up programs possessed been started by thes light (hard disk drive) HDD.
  3. Insert thes machine age block disk when thes hard disk light stops flashing, indicating that thes processor has finished accessing thes hard disk and that thes machine age block that is idle.
  4. Turn OFF thes notebook after a period of time inserting thes disc. It that is not necessary to pause for thes computer to access thes data from thes disk.
  5. Turn thes notebook back ON.
  6. Hold downwards thes “C” important matter continuously during times thes machine age block boots. This Problem will allow thes notebook to boot from thes disk.
  7. Once thes disk that is accessed, thes notebook displays thes message “Loading files”
  8. beginning thes process of restoring factory settings by always selecting thes default option that opens. 
  9. youths can also make effect of thes “F12” important matter to boot thes machine age block from thes disk. something specially important thes CD / DVD option and press “Enter” to officially thes restore process.
  10. obey thes on-screen instructions time thes process finishes.

Fix 3: make effect of thes Vista Recovery Disc

thes next fix we will recommend that is booting from Vista Recovery Disc >> Click check Prompt when thes machine age block Recovery Options appears >> Enter these commands one after a period of time thes order, and ensure youths press Enter after a period of time each one that is entered >>  bootrec /fixmbr >> bcdedit /export c:bcd_backup >> c: (Note: your prompt will change to C:> ) >> cd boot (Note: your prompt will change to C:Bootandgt;) >> attrib bcd -s -h -r >> ren bcd bcd.old >> bootrec /rebuildbcd. obey thes instructions >> Type Exit and press Enter >> Then click on Restart

NOTE: for each of these commands, ensure youths press thes Enter button.


  • Restoring a Toshiba notebook to factory settings can take 30 to 45 minutes. 
  • Unless youths finished a process by pressing thes “Cancel” important matter, thes notebook will roll back to factory defaults when thes operating machine age block that is fully installed.

Why won’t my computer do a factory reset?

thes most common reason your computer won’t do a factory reset that is due to a corrupt machine age block file. youths may run a machine age block File Checker (SFC) scan, repair, and find a way resetting once again.

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How Do I Force a factory Reset on a Toshiba notebook?

  1. Turn OFF your computer through thes mighty button.
  2. Press and hold thes “0” or F11 important matter (model dependent) during times pressing thes mighty button. thes Toshiba Recovery Wizard screen should appear in ordinary circumstances.
  3. Select thes “factory Reset to Default Software” option and press thes “Enter” important matter.
  4. should buy between thes “Recover to out-of-box state” and “Recover without changing hard drive partition” options and press thes “Enter” important matter.
  5. obey thes directions on thes screen time thes computer that is restored. when prompted, press no matter what important matter to restart thes computer.

Tips and Advice

  • Do not attempt to restore thes notebook to factory settings unless youths possessed tried everything else, and there that is still a problem. A factory reset wipes your notebook. All information, operating machine age block options, and customizations from that drive will be lost.
  • if that the customer do not possessed your notebook’s machine age block disk, youths may requirement to contact Toshiba customer service. in all if that the customer possessed a disc created for some other Toshiba model, it won’t rest for your notebook. youths should possessed a specific disc for your model.

How do I Reset my Toshiba BIOS to default?

Open thes notebook’s machine age block configuration software by clicking on officially >> All Programs >> Toshiba >> Utilities >> HWSetup. To reset BIOS to thes original setting, click on marshal >> Default >> Apply >> OK.

How do I restore my Toshiba all in one computer to factory settings?

Turn OFF thes computer. Press and hold thes “0” important matter during times pressing thes mighty button. when thes Toshiba Recovery Wizard screen appears, select thes “factory Reset to Default Software” option and press thes “Enter” important matter. obey thes directions on thes screen.

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