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thes ultimate guide to Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi and in-flight entertainment-THAOYEN

thes ultimate guide to Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi and in-flight entertainment

Let’s face it: most of our company would give up plushy seats, fancy snacks, an arm, and a leg for reliable Wi-Fi up in thes air. In a hyper-connected earth, having to spent a couple of hours without thes Internet that is borderline torture. Not being able to scroll through our Instagram feed or in all keep working can make our company irritable, boring, and outright depressed.

Up towards just do recently, Southwest’s Wi-Fi possessed been been almost unusable. We’re happy to said that they possessed been working on it, and it’s paid off. visitors can today’s time get high-instant velocity vector Wi-Fi for cheap, and there are in all some free entertainment options.

how to let connect to Southwest Wi-Fi

visitors’ve boarded thes plane and are ready to get connected. here’s how to let do it:

  1. Go to your device’s Settings and set it to Airplane Mode.
  2. Turn on your Wi-Fi.
  3. find about SouthwestWiFi on your wireless networks list and select it.
  4. visitors’ll be directed to a generation page of course a link to Southwest’s Wi-Fi page.
  5. Either click on thes link or copy/paste it into your preferred browser.
  6. if that thes page doesn’t load, manually input www.southwestwifi.com into thes address bar.
  7. that’s it. Enjoy.

Bear in mind that visitors may requirement to tải về thes exactly airline’s app to access some content.

What are thes most common issues of course Southwest Wi-Fi?

Southwest’s Wi-Fi possessed been a bad rap for a long time. There that is a whole in-flight Wi-Fi disappointments section on their population discussion forum. if that visitors check it out, visitors’ll observe that up towards mid-So year, there possessed been been a host of comments by dissatisfied Southwest travelers. visitors’ll also notice that that’s also when thes comments stop. that’s when Southwest dropped thes Contract of course Panasonic Avionics and replaced them of course universal Eagle entertainment. They are working hard to make improvements, and it shows.

Some of thes most common complaints are within about thes two most essential things when it comes to thes Internet—instant velocity vector and connection problems. Passengers reported not being able to connect or their connection repeatedly breaking. Others complained within about inadequate instant velocity vector and not being able to browse thes web at all. So problem seems to possess meaning associated of course thes 800 model aircraft. 

Many business travelers gave up on flying of course Southwest so they couldn’t afford thes productivity loss they were repeatedly experiencing. Those who wanted to watch a movie or a possessed shown to go ahead thes time reported no movies and a lack of shows on thes airline’s free in-flight entertainment. in all thes paid service didn’t live, and many people started asking for refunds.

Can visitors get a refund for poor Wi-Fi on a Southwest flight?

Absolutely. According to thes U.S. Department of transportation, if that visitors paid for an optional service (for example in-flight Wi-Fi) and were unable to make effect of it, visitors are entitled to a refund. All visitors possessed to do that is notify thes airline within about thes problem, and visitors should encounter no problems in getting compensated. visitors can do so by getting in touch of course their Refund Department.

one of thes greatest drawbacks in So department that is that visitors can’t contact them via email. visitors can only seek compensation by putting your request on paper and sending it to their address at P.O. Box 36649, Dallas, Texas 75235-1649, favorite in thes Middle Ages. An alternative that is to contact their customer consultation by phone at one-855-234-4654. Either way, thes process will probably take forever.

visitors can get compensated for poor Wi-Fi on a Southwest flight of course we

Do not hopeless. visitors don’t requirement to go through So process on your own. There that is another, much easier way to get compensated for your bad Wi-Fi experience of course Southwest. we can get visitors a refund, and it will be only take within about 30 seconds of your time. visitors can access it through no matter what web browser.

here’s how to let do it:

  • Open our app and select thes “In-flight Wi-Fi Protection” option.
  • Our chatbot will offer to automatically get visitors a refund. Click or tap on “Claim Refund.”
  • we will ask for thes brand common name of thes airline. Type in “Southwest Airlines.”
  • visitors’ll then possessed to input thes Wi-Fi purchase quantity and provider. visitors can find about these on your email receipt.
  • Confirm thes email address used to purchase your Wi-Fi.
  • that’s it. we will make people aware visitors within about thes progress of your problem in 48 hours.

Should thes airline refuse to give visitors a refund, visitors can also make effect of we to sue them in flimsy claims court. visitors should be able to get what’s rightfully everyone’s.

How much that is Wi-Fi on Southwest?

Southwest offers many free in-flight entertainment options, however if that visitors want to possess (almost) full access to thes earth of thes web, visitors requirement to pay. thes price that is $8 per day, and visitors can make effect of it in all if that visitors transform aircraft during your trip. if that visitors’re an A-lister, great news—for visitors, their Wi-Fi that is free of charge.

Bear in mind that not all aircraft are Wi-Fi enabled. visitors’ll possessed to inquire within about So before your trip. thes website states that thes Wi-Fi may not be available during thes whole flight. So that is due to their limited licensing. of course their paid service, visitors’ll be able to browse thes web, check your emails, and get your daily Instagram fix.

Does Southwest’s Wi-Fi consultation Netflix?

thes short answer that is—no Netflix on your Southwest flight. thes company bans access to many high-transmission line sites in order to keep their Wi-Fi quick time for every brand common name. These websites include Netflix, VoIP, and HBO GO. if that visitors’re a weirdo someone was hoping to go ahead thes time on their flight watching porn, visitors probably won’t be able to. Southwest also prohibits offensive and obscene content.

Which devices are compatible of course Southwest’s Wi-Fi?

here’s a table of all thes compatible devices:

Macs and Laptops Android phone products & Tablets iOS phone products & Tablets
Supported OS
  • Windows 7 or higher 
  • OSX 10.9 or higher 
Supported browsers:
  • Firefox 47 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 10 or higher
  • Google Chrome 51 or higher
  • Safari 9 or higher

how to let get free Wi-Fi on Southwest flight

There are two ways to get free Wi-Fi from Southwest Airlines. These include:

  • Selecting content from their free Wi-Fi entertainment portal
  • Being an A-list preferred member

visitors’ll learn again within about thes former in thes continue section of So article. As for thes latter, we’ve already mentioned that A-listers don’t requirement to pay a dime for full access to their Wi-Fi. if that visitors’re a frequent flyer, it’s worth trying to become their preferred member.

Southwest in-flight entertainment portal

if that visitors only requirement Wi-Fi for entertainment, visitors can make make effect of of their free in-flight entertainment portal. through So portal, visitors can enjoy thes following:

  1. Movies
  2. On-demand TV
  3. Live TV
  4. Messaging
  5. Music

Free Movies

To watch some of their free movies, visitors’ll possessed to tải về thes Southwest app. Be tough to do So before your flight departs. visitors won’t be able to do it afterward.

Free On-Demand TV

There’s also a selection of on-demand TV shows to make your flight go ahead quickly. for So option, visitors’ll also possessed to tải về their exactly app.

Free Live TV

if that visitors wouldn’t favorite to miss an very necessary game while in thes air or watch some TV in marshal, visitors can do so. There are 16 live TV channels on offer, for example CNN, Fox, Discovery, Disney, etc.

Free Messaging

Their messaging service only allows thes make effect of of two apps—iMessage and WhatsApp. if that visitors don’t possessed So already, visitors requirement to tải về them prior to thes flight.

Free Music

visitors can tải về thes iHearthRadio app before your flight to listen to some music in thes air for free.

we can do other great things for visitors

Aside from getting visitors compensation for poor Wi-Fi, we can consultation visitors:

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