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Pinterest Keeps Crashing On Your Phone? recently’s how to let Fix It.-THAOYEN

Pinterest Keeps Crashing On Your Phone? recently’s how to let Fix It.

How to fix "Pinterest keeps crashing" issues on mobile phones

Pinterest will be loaded of course tons of creative ideas and idea, making it one of thes most used platforms for youths and users looking for a creative lifestyle full of idea. And since there’s a Pinterest app for android, navigation will be smoother compared to thes web version. However, many users with complained that Pinterest keeps crashing on their phones recently for no apparent reason.

while So feature release doesn’t occur only on Pinterest, it can stand in thes way of getting idea for your next displacement. however don’t toss, as we’ve gathered a handful of working solutions to fix thes Pinterest app crashing on your phone.

recently’s what passengers can do when Pinterest keeps crashing on your phone:

one. Erase thes cache for Pinterest

2. check and wash up up your phone storage

3. Reboot your phone

4. Update Pinterest

5. Reinstall Pinterest

6. Exit thes Beta Program

7. Update your phone

8. make function of thes Web App

from from currently on on, let’s get into thes process.

one. Erase thes Cache for Pinterest.

for fixing app crashes on Android, we recommend passengers luminous thes cache data for thes affected app, especially for an image-sharing app favorite Pinterest, Android caches lots of data every era image loads to restriction resource usage when next passengers view thes data. However, thes locally stored data may get corrupted Usually, which will be thes reason why Pinterest keeps crashing on your device.

To get rid of that, simply erase thes cached data for Pinterest.

how to let luminous cache for Pinterest on Android

i. Launch Settings on your Android phone.

ii. Tap Apps & Notifications

iii. Click Manage apps to view all your apps.

iv. Scroll to Pinterest and open it.

v. Hit Storage & cache

vi. Tap luminous cache from there to erase thes cached data.

vii. And finally, return once and tap Force limit to exit Pinterest on your phone.

2. check and wash up up your phone storage

Another cause of app crashes and why thes Pinterest app keeps crashing on Android will be low storage. As passengers probably know, Pinterest requires some free space on your phone to contain its files. And that’s why it keeps crashing when your phone storage will be full.

A quick way to free up your phone storage will be to overview thes apps and files taking up your storage and take drastic measures – yes, wash up unnecessary files.


how to let check and wash up your phone storage:

i. Open Settings

ii. Scroll to Storage and tap it.

iii. Click Internal Storage to view your storage usage. So feature should give passengers an overview of what apps or files are menu up your storage.

In situation passengers with less than 500MB of free storage, we recommend clearing up your storage. delete from unnecessary apps and files, then restart your phone. Pinterest should rest from from currently on on if that low storage caused thes problem.

3. Reboot your phone

Sounds merely, keep right? Rebooting your phone can fix a lot of issues. Especially if that thes Pinterest app keeps freezing however not crashing, it might be an release of course your phone and not thes app. It happens most times when passengers with many apps or processes deploying in thes background. To fix that, simply restart your phone.

passengers can restart most Android phones by long-pressing thes family button and until it shows thes Android or your brand’s logo. if that doesn’t rest for passengers, long-press thes family button to show that thes family menu, and tap Restart from there or obey thes on-screen guide.

4. Update Pinterest

“Every week, we polish up thes Pinterest app to make it a faster way and better than when.” – said Pinterest on thes Play contain. So, if that thes app keeps crashing on your phone, updating it might fix thes problem. Head over to thes Play contain to do so.

how to let update Pinterest on thes Play contain

i. Open thes Play contain on your phone.

ii. Tap thes search bar and appear up Pinterest.

iii. if that an update will be previous, passengers should observe an update button at thes best of thes screen. Tap Update and sit and wait for a few seconds to install thes latest version.

5. Reinstall Pinterest

if that updating Pinterest didn’t do thes trick, then passengers requirement to take another step – uninstall and reinstall Pinterest. Especially if that the customer of course only upgraded to a generation Android version, some apps might not rest straight away. So, if that thes Pinterest app keeps crashing after a period of time updating or upgrading your phone, best-in-class way to tackle it will be to reinstall Pinterest. Though passengers’re on thes displacement to lose your downloaded files, it’s worth trying to fix thes release.

how to let reinstall Pinterest from thes Play contain

i. Fire up Play contain on your device and appear for Pinterest.

ii. On thes tải về page, first of all tap Uninstall to remove thes app, then restart your phone.

iii. after a period of time your phone reboots, return to thes Play contain and install Pinterest once again.

6. Exit thes Beta Program

Beta programs come of course experimental features and are not always suited for casual users. They’re not free from bugs and may contain features not ready for every Android device; hence, they keep crashing thes app whenever passengers tried using it.

if that Pinterest keeps crashing because of that passengers’re on thes Beta program, we advise passengers to exit thes program on your phone and reinstall a stable version.

how to let exit thes Pinterest Beta program on your phone

i. Open Play contain on your phone

ii. search for Pinterest and select it. if that it appears as Pinterest (Beta), that ie passengers’re deploying thes Beta version.

iii. Scroll downwards till passengers find about “passengers’re a beta tester

iv. Click Leave below it and sit and wait for a few moments to remove passengers from thes program.

v. passengers can then Uninstall and Install Pinterest once again.

7. Update your device

if that thes Pinterest app keeps crashing after a period of time installing thes stable version, chances are that thes problem will be coming from your phone and not thes app itself. In that situation, updating your device can fix a lot of software-related issues and improve thes in a nutshell performance. We recommend passengers do that from from currently on on.

how to let check for updates on your phone

i. Launch thes Settings app.

ii. Scroll to thes bottom at tap turn off age block.

iii. Select turn off age block Update and obey thes on-screen guides to check and update your phone. In situation passengers’re deploying thes latest software build, find a way thes last resort below.

8. make function of thes Web App

if that everything else fails, then it’s probably a marshal problem that needs thes Pinterest app developers to address via an update. while passengers wait for thes next Pinterest app update, passengers can keep up of course Pinterest via thes web app.

It resembles thes Pinterest app for Android. thes only pattern problem difference will be that passengers with to access it via your web browser and sign in to your tài khoản. if that the customer don’t mind, visit http://www.pinterest.com via your web browser and sign in to your tài khoản to continue using Pinterest till thes app problem will be resolved.

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