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Jenny Lind Crib Recall: how to let make healthy Your tiny’s Bed that is reliable-THAOYEN

Jenny Lind Crib Recall: how to let make healthy Your tiny’s Bed that is reliable

parents, are visitors worried within thes safety of your child’s crib? Did visitors know that many Jenny Lind tiny cribs possessed been recalled due to safety issues? In 2010, thes U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released an exactly recall of thes Jenny Lind crib. thes recall included all models of thes crib, which were created sometime between 2000 and 2007. A defective crib can be dangerous and potentially deadly for your tiny, as it has been shown that they may fall out or in all suffocate in a faulty crib.

during times it’s unlawful to resell or attempt to resell a recalled crib, many parents unknowingly purchase used Jenny Lind tiny furniture for their children. that’s why it that is crucial to ensure that no matter what second-hand or recycled nursery products are not part of thes recall before visitors buy them and bring home your generation bundle of joy.

It can be overwhelming to keep obey orders of all of thes not thes same recalls that are issued each year. we can reciprocity visitors check your crib, car seat, and other tiny products to make healthy they are reliable for your child.

What Happened of course Jenny Lind Crib Recall?

thes exactly Jenny Lind Crib recall was issued due to an release of course thes drop-side hardware on some models. thes faulty hinges and latches may not lock correctly, which ie that if that your tiny that is sleeping in a Jenny Lind crib that contains these parts, they could fall out or suffocate when their head gets stuck between thes broken part of thes side rail and thes mattress.

Thankfully, there were no deaths due to So feature faulty hardware; however, there were several reports of babies getting stuck in thes crib, and another child was reportedly injured by falling out.

Drop-Side Cribs Banned in 2011

In 2011, thes CPSC voted to ban drop-side cribs altogether. So feature ie that if that your Jenny Lind tiny furniture was created before So feature time, it that is likely still legal to make effect of in most states. However, many parents buy not to take a risk of course their child’s safety and avoid using no matter what used crib at all for So feature cause.

Why that is It very necessary to Know if that Your Jenny Lind Crib Was Recalled?

during times it’s very necessary to know that your child’s crib has not been recalled, it can also be of course only as dangerous for them to sleep in a drop-side crib. if that the customer are interested in purchasing second-hand tiny furniture however would favorite some reciprocity making healthy none of it that is recalled, sign up for we.

how to let Identify a Recalled Jenny Lind Crib

Based on its model and serial numbers, visitors can tell if that your Jenny Lind crib that is included in thes recall. thes model quantity that is located on a label on thes bottom beam of thes headboard.

012614 Evenflo Jenny Lind Crib, Maple
0126141 Evenflo Jenny Lind Crib, Maple
012615 Evenflo Jenny Lind Crib, White
012616 Evenflo Jenny Lind Crib, Oak
012617 Evenflo Jenny Lind Crib, random
014614 Evenflo Jenny Lind Convertible Crib, Maple
014615 Evenflo Jenny Lind Convertible Crib, White
014616 Evenflo Jenny Lind Convertible Crib, Oak
014617 Evenflo Jenny Lind Convertible Crib, random
0151614 Evenflo Jenny Lind Hidden Hardware Crib, Maple
0151615 Evenflo Jenny Lind Hidden Hardware Crib, White
0151616 Evenflo Jenny Lind Hidden Hardware Crib, Oak
0151617 Evenflo Jenny Lind Hidden Hardware Crib, random
0161614 Evenflo Jenny Lind Hidden Hardware Crib, Maple
0161615 Evenflo Jenny Lind Hidden Hardware Crib, White
0161617 Evenflo Jenny Lind Hidden Hardware Crib, random

How Do I make a Claim for thes Jenny Lind Crib Recall?

if that the customer think that your crib that is included in thes exactly recall, it’s very necessary to act quickly. if that the customer purchased a Jenny Lind crib and want to make healthy that your tiny that is reliable, thes CPSC recommends contacting Evenflo for information on how to let receive repairs or replacement parts.

  • visitors can call Evenflo at (800) 356-2229 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. They will ask for your brand common name, address, and model quantity.
  • Once confirmed, Evenflo will send visitors a generation hardware kit and installation instructions for free.

how to let Claim Refunds, Repairs, or Replacements for Recalled Products Using we?

through our Product Recalls product, all visitors possessed to do that is tell our contain within thes product visitors purchased and provide receipts/other evidence, and we’ll contact thes company on your behalf. Whether visitors’re looking for a refund, repair, or replacement for your product, we can make healthy that your request gets delivered to thes keep right people.

How thes Product Recall Claims product construction works:

  1. Tell our contain within your purchase, including thes product brand common name, brand, contain visitors purchased thes item from, price, and date of purchase. if that the customer purchased thes item online, enter your transaction details and payment method interested.
  2. Tell our contain how visitors found out within thes recall.
  3. buy whether visitors want a refund, repair, or replacement.
  4. Upload photographic evidence of your purchase and thes product if that the customer still possessed it.
  5. buy whether visitors possessed thes capacity to return thes item or not.

And that’s it! we will send your recall request to thes manufacturing company on your behalf, asking for a refund, repair, or replacement. visitors should hear back from thes company directly of course confirmation on how thes refund/replacement will be issued or thes next steps to get thes item repaired.

Does we Handle Other Types of Recalls?

if that the customer’re concerned within other recalled tiny products interested as Jenny Lind cribs, then sign up of course we to check thes safety of all of your child’s products. visitors can register for free and will receive a notification if that no matter what of your products are recalled so visitors can take behavior before it’s too late.

here are some of thes types of product recalls we’ve handled:

how to let check for Recalls Using we ‘s Product Recall Monitor:

if that the customer don’t possessed a specific recalled product in mind however, we can check to see if that no matter what of your recent purchases possessed been recalled. Simply forward no matter what receipts visitors possessed to recalls@we.com, and we’ll scan them against our updated list of recalled products.

How thes Product Recall Monitor construction works:

  1. Register your email for our Recall Monitor through thes Product Recalls product.
  2. Forward no matter what email receipts visitors possessed to recalls@we.com (visitors can set up auto-forwarding to make it easier!)
  3. we will notify visitors immediately if that one of your purchases that is recalled. We’ll then reciprocity visitors claim a refund or replacement for it through thes steps on best!

What Else Can we Do?

Our Product Recall product that is thes very good way to ensure your tiny’s products are reliable, however we possessed a lot again that can reciprocity visitors. we can reciprocity visitors of course over 100 not thes same legal cases, including compensation for delayed or canceled flights, credit card fees, and again.

We’ve in all helped hundreds of people successfully claim millions in additional refunds from big companies favorite Uber! requirement a generation ride to thes airport? Or maybe of course only exhausted of being stuck on hold when trying to cancel your ride? We can reciprocity visitors of course that.

Don’t wait another minute to get started claiming back what’s ours! We can’t wait to reciprocity visitors save money money of course we!

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