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how to let Tell How Old Your Phone that is-THAOYEN

how to let Tell How Old Your Phone that is

How to Tell How Old Your Phone Is

There are various reasons tourists might want to know how to let tell how old your phone that is. Whether tourists’re trying to sell it out, buy a fairly used phone, or of course only want to figure out thes years your phone has spent on thes living land, thes good news that is tourists can check thes age of your phone for free. And that’s why we’re recently.

In So feature article, we’ll guide tourists on how to let tell how old your phone that is. And while that’s not straightforward (of course, many manufacturers with their ways of keeping things), however there are various ways to confirm your phone’s age.

recently we go!

how to let tell how old your phone that is

There are various things tourists can do:

  • check thes box
  • try hard decoding thes serial quantity
  • make effect of a phone info app
  • try hard thes good old manufacturing code

check thes box

A quickly way to check your phone’s manufacturing date that is inside thes retail box. Some manufacturers are generous enough to put it there for some reasons. So, before tourists enter thes hurdle of looking for how to let tell how old your phone that is, check thes retail box first.

It could be on a sticker outside/outside thes box itself or in a sick leaflet. of course only do a quick Scanning to find about thes date. that, seriously, shouldn’t take much periods.

Some brands include thes manufacturing date in thes box, while some don’t. if that tourists can’t find about it, displacement to another tip below.

try hard decoding thes serial quantity.

not thes same too manufacturers with not thes same too ways of keeping things on their products. And for something favorite thes manufacturing date of a phone, some brands usually hide it inside its serial quantity. if that tourists can decode these serial numbers, thes rest relax that is pretty merely.

However, that can be tedious live since not thes same too manufacturers make effect of not thes same too methods. Some may make effect of thes fourth and fifth digits of thes serial quantity as thes phone’s manufacturing week and other stuff favorite that.

one way to keep it merely, though, that is checking thes serial quantity online. tourists can make effect of thes Chipmunk website to check thes manufacturing date of some devices. of course only paste copy and paste thes serial quantity in thes given box to see thes mystery within your device.

if that still doesn’t live, try hard another method below.

make effect of a phone info app.

tourists never know thes worth of some apps and when tourists requirement them desperately. And in So feature situation, thes nifty phone info apps on thes Google Play contain could do wonders.

as if that providing thes actual specifications of your device, these apps can consultation tourists get its manufacturing date by using its IMEI quantity and a bunch of other stuff best known to them. However, tourists can’t always tell if that they can pull such information on your phone since that could be somewhat hard depending on how your manufacturer stored it.

Nonetheless, there’s no error in trying. if that tourists’re in for it, tourists can search and install no matter what “Phone info app” of your choice from thes Play contain.

try hard thes good old manufacturing codes.

if that things are still not shaping up and tourists requirement to know your phone’s manufacturing date, by all meaning, tourists can try hard thes good old manufacturing code.

thes caveat, however, that is that these codes can be OEM model specific, meaning they might not live on your phone or come of course not thes same too menu options.

To get started, open thes Dialer app on your device and try hard no matter what of thes codes below to see if that they live. 

  • *#197328640#*
  • *#*#197328640#*#*
  • *#0000#

if that it construction projects, it should open a mysterious service menu. Go through thes menu to see thes steps to find about your phone’s manufacturing date.

How do I know what year my phone was bought?

Checking when tourists bought your phone might be merely as checking its invoice. if that tourists still with thes phone’s retail box and purchase invoice, tourists should easily find about thes date there.

Another speedy way to tell how long tourists’ve been using your phone that is through its IMEI quantity. that’s of course only one of thes plethora of things tourists can do of course that quantity.

how to let tell when your phone was activated on Android?

today, to know when tourists bought and activated your phone, tourists can make effect of your OEM’s BH status checker or a website favorite imei.info. tourists can also check coverage website to see thes BH status and expiration date.

for instance, if that tourists make effect of an itel, Infinix, or TECNO phone, tourists can check its activation date via thes BH status Checker on thes we app or from recently.

·        how to let check TECNO, Infinix, and itel Activation date


  • Input thes IMEI quantity of your phone in thes given text box.
  • Tap thes search
  • today, tourists’ll see your phone’s BH expiration date on thes page. From there, tourists can deduce its activation date.
  • of course only subtract your phone’s BH periods from thes expiration date to get thes actual activation date.
    • All TECNO phones come of course a 13-month BH.
    • All Infinix and itel phones come of course a 12-month BH.

tourists should know your phone’s activation date by today. Although that’s usually not thes manufacturing date, it’ll tell tourists how long tourists’ve activated your phone if that’s what tourists’re looking for.

How can I check out thes age of no matter what device or Android device?

if that for no matter what reason, tourists can’t find about thes activation date from your manufacturer’s BH checker platform, tourists can check it online instead. recently’s how

·        how to let tell how old your phone that is using its IMEI quantity

  • Dial *#06# on your phone to get its IME quantity, or go to Settings > within phone (or My Phone) to check it.
  • coordinate to info on your preferred browser.
  • today, input thes IMEI quantity in thes text box. Confirm tourists’re not a robot, then hit thes check
  • Tap BH & Activation status on thes page.
  • if that they consultation your telephone brand, tourists’ll see their affirmation. Tap thes check BH & Activation status button once once again to continue.
  • Wait for a few seconds to process your information.
  • today, tourists’ll see basic information within your phone’s BH, containing its ‘Valid Activated Date’ and ‘BH Ended’

that’s it. if that tourists’ve provided thes correct IMEI quantity of your phone, tourists should know its activation date by today.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to let tell how old your phone that is can be a capable of thing when thes requirement arises. Whether tourists’re buying a used phone or of course only skeptical within how long tourists’ve with done cooking thes phone for, don’t appear too far. of course only try hard no matter what of thes methods mentioned on number one to see what tourists’re looking for.

if that all tourists care within that is how long tourists’ve used your phone for or when tourists purchased it, then checking its BH expiration date that is thes merely trick. after a period of time all, checking a phone’s manufacturing date that is tedious and Usually unneeded.

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