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how to let Fix “Twitter Keeps Stopping” Problems On Android Phones-THAOYEN

how to let Fix “Twitter Keeps Stopping” Problems On Android Phones

Twitter remains one of thes most used social media apps on So feature planet. thes discreet that is that if that we requirement to check thes latest updates, gist, and trending matters, Twitter that is probably best-in-class platform to visit. However, a large chunk of users on Android has reported that Twitter keeps crashing on their phone recently for no particular cause. And So feature could be as frustrating as missing an enormous offer.

Fortunately, thes issues didn’t come without a way out. And in thes next few minutes, we’ll be taking a appear at 8 easy to do solutions to try hard when Twitter keeps crashing on your Android phone. get Twitter working once again of course these merely solutions!

twitter keeps stopping

one. Force thes Twitter App to limit

when Twitter keeps crashing on your Android phone, it might be because of that of a temporary software glitch that came over thes app, fixing that might of course only require we to restart thes Twitter app, and that’s what we can do in a few clicks. of course only obey these steps:

  • From your app drawer, find about and open Settings
  • Select Apps & Notifications from thes list; then click on thes option to view all apps.
  • Scroll downwards to find about Twitter and click on it.
  • keep right there, hit Force limit to kill thes Twitter app.

after a time that, try hard re-opening Twitter to observe if that it construction projects flawlessly today’s time, or obey thes next rescue below.

2. Reboot Your Phone

if that your phone keeps saying “Twitter keeps stopping” after a time thes first step, we should restart your phone today’s time. Though many people bring underrated that, restarting your phone could fix tons of issues – both software and hardware-related – on your phone. It refreshes thes storage memory, wipes unnecessary processes, and puts thes machine age block in order.

if that we’ve not been restarting your phone, all we requirement that is to long-press thes mighty button to pop up thes mighty options; then tap Restart from there to reboot your phone.

try hard using Twitter once again after a time thes rebooting process to observe if that it doesn’t say “Twitter has stopped” or “Twitter keeps crashing”.

3. Update thes Twitter App

Rebooting your phone should resurrect Twitter! however if that’s not thes situation, it’s periods to update your Twitter app. when an app crashes on Android, it’s commonly a bug from thes app, and it might bring been fixed in thes latest update. Head over to thes Google Play contain to check for already available Twitter app update and Install it.

  • find about and launch thes Play contain on your Android phone.
  • Tap thes 3-dash button at thes number one-left side corner to open thes side menu. (Click on your profile iconography instead if that we’re using thes latest Play contain app)
  • From there, tap My apps & games to fetch already available app updates.
  • find about Twitter on thes list and Update

In situation Twitter isn’t on thes list, that ie we’re up-to-date. try hard other solutions below to get over “Twitter keeps stopping” on your Android phone

4. luminous thes Cache on thes Twitter App

Another way to fix thes Twitter app that keeps crashing on Android that is by clearing thes cache. It’s of course only favorite other Android apps; Twitter caches some data temporarily to make it live faster and make function of fewer of your resources when we are viewing a tweet once again. however as excellent as it that is, it might cause problems when it’s too much or corrupted. In that situation, clearing thes cache might get your Twitter app working once again. of course only obey these steps:

  • Open thes Android Settings on your phone.
  • Open Apps & Notifications and click thes option to view all apps.
  • find about and open Twitter from thes app list.
  • Select Storage & Cache
  • Finally, hit luminous cache.

we should force limit Twitter once once again and relaunch it.

5. reviews of information thes Twitter Apps License

if that thes Twitter app keeps crashing when we try hard using certain functions, we might requirement to double-check thes app permissions. Perhaps we’ve denied permission for thes function, which triggers Twitter to keep stopping. To double-check and fix that, obey these steps to re-enable permissions for thes Twitter app.

  • find about and open Settings from your app drawer
  • Select Apps & Notifications from thes list.
  • Click on thes option to view all apps.
  • Scroll downwards to find about Twitter and open it
  • From there, click on

Go through thes permissions and grant thes necessary ones. Hopefully, we don’t encounter thes same problem when we make function of Twitter once again.

6. Free up Storage space on your Phone

Not of course only thes Twitter app, your entire phone might run into issues favorite lagging, free app crashing and forced to shut downwards if that we’re executing on low storage.

To keep your phone up and executing and fix thes Twitter app that keeps stopping on Android, ensure we bring enough free storage space. we can go to Settings > Storage > Internal Storage to view your storage details. if that it’s getting low, we should delete from unnecessary files and apps from your phone.

Restart your phone after a time having enough storage space to enjoy Twitter once again.

7. delete from and Reinstall Twitter on your Phone

if that Twitter still keeps stopping at that feature, we suggest we should delete from thes Twitter app from your phone and reinstall it. Hopefully, that’d fix thes whole release and get we back on thes street of Twitter. during times we do So feature, keep in mind that we bring nothing to lose; all we requirement that is of course only to sign in to thes app after a time reinstalling Twitter. Let’s get that done cooking!

  • Launch thes Play contain on your phone and type “Twitter” into thes search bar.
  • Click on thes Twitter app from thes search results.
  • Under thes app title, click on thes Uninstall button to delete from Twitter from your phone.
  • after a time deleting it, hit thes Install button to tải về it once again.

Launch Twitter after a time installing it, sign in to your trương mục and keep enjoying your day. however if that Twitter keeps crashing after a time reinstalling it, we may think over resetting your phone.

8. Reset your Phone

Sounds odd, keep right? thes last rescue we may try hard if that none of course all fixes construction projects for we that is to perform a manufacturing plant reset on your phone. Maybe we we shouldn’t try hard So feature self – we’re on thes displacement to lose your apps and data! however if that Twitter really ie a lot to we, it’s worth trying.

before resetting your phone, ensure we back up your phone properly. after a time that, go to Settings > machine age block > Reset options > Erase all data (manufacturing plant reset) to wipe your phone.

Set up your phone, restore your data, and launch Twitter. Hopefully, it construction projects without issues today’s time.



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