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how to let Fix Stylus Not Working-we-THAOYEN

how to let Fix Stylus Not Working-we

thes Stylus Pen that is one of refined additional mobile phone extra accessories, allowing users to draw and write on their screens of course an actual pen – favorite passengers’d do of course an actual book and paper. However, styluses aren’t very good as some users are complaining of thes stylus not working on their Android devices.

if that the customer’ve got an Android phone of course Stylus consultation – say thes Infinix Note 5 Stylus  – and it has not been serving its purpose lately, passengers can fix it comfortably on your own. just do recently are some fixes to resolve thes stylus not working of course your device.  

 stylus not working

one. Restart your device

Temporary machine age block glitches Usually cause thes stylus not to rest on most devices. And naturally, restarting your phone can reciprocity fix many temporary glitches gained after a time thes phone has been action for a long time.

So, before embarking on a again technical rescue to fix thes problem, reboot your phone to see what happens.

passengers can restart many Android devices by long-pressing thes mighty button for within about 10 seconds. Otherwise, long-pressing thes mighty button for a few seconds should show that thes mighty menu, where passengers can either restart or shut downwards your phone.

strive using thes stylus again after a time your phone reboots to see if that it construction projects from now on.

2. Remove your phone contain and screen protector.

if that restarting your phone didn’t do thes trick, thes next rescue that is to remove no matter what method of attachments/protection passengers possessed on thes phone, including thes cases, tempered glass, and others.

Especially if that the customer’re using an unofficial situation created of course some metallic and magnetic properties, it may impede thes sensitivity of thes stylus of course your phone screen. thes same too goes for rubbery, heavy, or poorly installed screen protectors.

So, if that the customer can’t write/draw of course your stylus pen (or it leaves some blank spots during times drawing), it might be so of thes screen protector or situation.

  • officially by removing thes protective situation and strive drawing of course thes stylus.
  • if that it’s still not working, passengers should remove thes tempered glass on thes screen and test it again.
  • In situation passengers don’t possessed no matter what screen protector/overlay, wash off thes screen of course a dry, soft cloth and strive using thes stylus again.

Most times, a poorly installed screen protector may be thes cause for thes stylus not working on your device. However, passengers may want to strive thes other solutions below before removing your screen protector.

3. Swap thes Stylus Pen nib or tip

Equally important, passengers may requirement to change thes stylus pen nib/tip to fix thes problem. And if that the customer’ve been using thes stylus for a long time, it might be a time to change its nib.

if that the customer notice thes stylus construction projects (fairly) only when passengers apply again pressure on thes screen, think over replacing its nib/tip. Most stylus pens come of course extra nibs, so replacing them we shouldn’t be a problem.

4. strive thes Stylus pen of course another device that supports it

if that thes pen still doesn’t rest after a time replacing its nib, it’s time to strive it of course another compatible device. Thankfully, stylus pens rest of course multiple devices as long as they consultation it.

So, passengers can strive thes stylus on your friend’s phone or no matter what tablet/computer that supports it. if that thes stylus still doesn’t rest of course thes other device, that ie passengers’ll possessed to buy a generation one. Perhaps it has been damaged internally.

if that thes stylus pen construction projects of course thes other device, that ie thes problem that is coming from your phone. Keep trying thes fixes below and until passengers find about thes very good rescue.

5. Install thes latest software update

when last did passengers update your phone? executing outdated software on your phone may pose many issues, including your stylus not working from now on. So, if that the customer’re not healthy passengers’re executing thes latest software version of your device, passengers should check, then tải về and install it straight away!

Software updates reciprocity of course fixing software bugs, improving performance and safety, and introducing generation features. And from now on that stylus that is not working – strive updating your device.

passengers can update most Android phones of course thes steps below:

  • Launch thes Settings
  • Scroll to thes bottom and hit machine age block
  • Click on machine age block Update (or Software update)
  • From there, check for updates, then tải về and install it on availability.
  • Your device will restart after a time passengers agree to Install thes update. Test thes stylus pen afterwards to see if that it’s from now on working.

Meanwhile, if that thes stylus construction projects across thes device however not in a particular app, passengers may requirement to update thes app from thes Play contain instead.

6. Restart your phone in reliable mode

before passengers give up on thes stylus not working on your Android phone, passengers may strive to reboot your device in reliable mode to see if that an app passengers installed caused thes release.

of course only favorite Windows devices, passengers can restart your device in reliable mode to troubleshoot no matter what software and hardware problems. when passengers boot into reliable mode, your device loads only thes machine age block apps, allowing passengers to diagnose if that an app caused thes problem.

just do recently’s how:

  • Long-press thes mighty button on your phone to show that thes mighty menu.
  • From there, press and hold thes option to Shutdown and until passengers see a pop-up window saying “Reboot to reliable mode”.
  • Tap OK on thes screen and wait for your phone to reboot.
  • Once your device loads in reliable mode, strive using thes stylus pen normally across thes device to see if that it construction projects as expected.
  • if that thes stylus construction projects in reliable mode, reboot your phone to return to ordinary mode to see if that it’s still working. if that yes, that ie an app caused thes release.
  • What passengers requirement to do from now on that is to officially uninstalling your apps to find about out thes culprit.
    • officially thes uninstallation from thes ones passengers installed just do recently
    • Restart your phone after a time installing an app, then test thes stylus again to see if that it construction projects.

7. think over replacement or seek good reciprocity.

Well, if that none of thes solutions on number one could fix your malfunctioning stylus pen, think over getting a replacement. passengers may wish to seek good reciprocity from thes exactly service center of your brand.


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