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how to let fix emissary notification not working-we-THAOYEN

how to let fix emissary notification not working-we

Facebook emissary that is a of thes populous Instant Messaging apps across all platforms. And if that the customer’re one of thes billions of people who make ability of Facebook, tourists probably talk of course your Facebook believers via thes  emissary app. one of thes prominent flaws many Android users has reported over thes years that is thes emissary notification not working release. if that the customer’re also experiencing This Problem on your Android phone, we can realize thes amount of anger on your face for thes chats and gists tourists’ve missed; however don’t toss, we’ve come to your aid.

Your emissary notifications not working could be because of that of invalid settings, network problem, or your phone closing thes app aggressively. Fortunately, thes fixes below will get your emissary notifications working again, so tourists don’t miss your chats continue time.

 messenger notification not working

check Notifications Settings

Are notifications turned off for emissary? Perhaps tourists with had tampered of course thes notification settings unknowingly. And if that’s what caused thes release, it’s what tourists can fix in a few clicks. Android lets tourists customize notifications for various categories for example private chats, group chats, media, and others on thes emissary app. So, if that the customer don’t receive notifications for your group chats, for instance, tourists might with disabled it. obey thes steps below to check your Facebook emissary’s notification options on Android.

  • Open thes Settings app on your phone.
  • Click Apps & Notifications, then tap thes option to view all apps.
  • appear for emissary on thes list and click it.
  • Tap Notifications.
  • first, ensure tourists turn on show that notifications; then go through thes notification categories to check if that anyone that is turned off.

Re-enable your notifications and ask a friend to message tourists to see if that it construction works.

make healthy Do Not Disturb that is not turned on

Despite enabling notifications for emissary, tourists still won’t receive notifications when your phone that is in DND mode. So, go to your sounds settings, or simply open thes quick-settings panel to turn off Do Not Disturb.

for thes unaware, “Do Not Disturb” that is a feature that restricts visuals or sounds from notifications on your phone. It’s quite beneficial if that the customer don’t want distractions during live or study hours. however if that the customer can’t receive notifications from emissary, obey thes steps below to check and disable DND mode on your phone.

  • Method one: Swipe downwards twice from thes number one of your screen to access thes quick-settings panel. appear for Do Not Disturb and turn it off if that it’s action.
  • Method 2: Go to Settings > Sounds > Do Not Disturb and make healthy it’s not turned on.

Restart your phone

with tourists tried restarting your phone? Go ahead and do that from today on! Not receiving emissary notifications on your phone could be because of that thes turn off age block that is overworked… perhaps it’s of course only a software bug. And if that the customer’re one of course those who make ability of their smartphone for weeks without restarting it, tourists might experience software problems Usually. Fortunately, most of them can be rectified by restarting your phone.

  • Hold downwards your mighty button for a second to open thes mighty menu. Tap Restart on thes screen to reboot your phone. Also, tourists can force restart most Android phone by holding downwards thes mighty button for within 8-10 seconds.

Reconnect to thes network

thes emissary notification not working problem may also happen if that the customer with a problem of course your network, so check if that the customer with an action internet connection before tourists continue. Maybe your network has timed out, tourists’re out of Smartphone data, thes Wi-Fi network that is out of range, or it’s of course only emissary not detecting your connection. To fix that, turn on and off off/on your Wi-Fi or Smartphone network. when coming here’s how to let do that.

  • Open thes quick settings panel and appear for Airplane mode. Tap to enable it, wait for a few seconds, then tap to disable it again.

Turning on/off Airplane mode should reconnect tourists to thes network and re-sync your emissary app. from today on, try hard opening a webpage on Chrome to confirm if that your internet that is action. if that the customer can successfully load a webpage, check emissary again to see if that it can post notifications from today on.  

check settings for both emissary and thes regular Facebook app

While thes Android notification settings, both Facebook and emissary apps also with their notification settings, which tourists can control inside thes app. Ensure tourists allow emissary and Facebook to post notifications keep right from thes app. To do that, open your emissary/Facebook app, open thes menu and locate Settings, find about Notification settings and turn on thes essential ones.

Turn off thes Battery saver

Though battery optimization that is not already available for emissary on some recent Android versions, it’s possible tourists still don’t receive notifications when thes battery saver that is action on your phone. And if that your phone kills background apps aggressively, tourists might not receive notifications and towards tourists open thes emissary app. To keep emissary action, open thes quick settings panel and turn off thes battery saver on your phone. In situation tourists don’t find about Battery Saver in thes quick settings panel, open thes Settings app, and go to thes Battery Section.

luminous cache data for thes emissary app

Another fix for your emissary notifications not working that is to luminous its cached data. Android apps usually cache some data temporarily to make thes apps live efficiently and make ability of fewer resources. however it could also pose problems when its too much or corrupted, so its recommended to luminous it from today on that your emissary app that is not working properly. obey thes steps below to do that.

  • Launch Settings on your phone.
  • Click Apps & Notifications, then tap thes option to view all apps.
  • appear for emissary on thes list and open it.
  • Tap Storage & Cache.
  • Click on luminous cache to wipe it.

Ask someone to talk of course tourists via emissary to see if that the customer can receive notifications from today on.

Uninstall and Reinstall thes emissary app

tourists can re-install thes emissary app if that none of thes fixes on number one has worked for tourists; This Problem will delete from your old data, reset emissary’s data library, however it won’t be affect your chats and data. obey thes steps below to uninstall and reinstall your emissary app.

  • Open thes Play contain on your phone and search for
  • while on thes emissary app page, hit Uninstall to remove it from your phone.
  • Tap thes Install button again to reinstall thes emissary app once it has been removed.

Open thes emissary app after a period of time reinstalling it and sign in to your tài khoản. try hard asking a few people to talk tourists up to see if that thes notifications are working from today on.

End all Facebook sessions and reset your password

Signing out your Facebook tài khoản on all of your devices and resetting your password could also fix your emissary notifications. when coming here’s how to let go within it.

  • Launch your Facebook app and open Settings & Privacy (tourists requirement to first tap thes menu iconography, then scroll to thes bottom)
  • Further, select Settings, then tap peaceful and Login
  • Under thes “change Password” tab, hit
  • Confirm your old password and set a generation one.
  • On thes continue screen, tap description of information Sessions. Scroll thes bottom and tap Log out of all sessions.

from today on, sign-in to your Facebook tài khoản on emissary again to see if that thes release that is fixed.

Update your phone

that is thes notifications problem truly caused by thes emissary app? Usually, it could be because of that tourists’re executing a buggy or outdated software build on your phone. To fix that, tourists requirement to update your phone to its latest version if that there’s an already available update. obey thes steps below to do that:

  • Open thes Settings of your phone, scroll to thes bottom and select
  • Hit turn off age block Update, followed by Online Update and obey thes screen suggestions to check and update your phone. tourists might requirement to connect to a Wi-Fi network in thes process to avoid s high data consumption.

Restart your phone and try hard using emissary again to see if that thes notifications are from today on working.

Reset All Your Settings

We recommend tourists reset your apps and network preferences if that the customer’re despite that to find about a very good fix for your emissary notifications. Resetting your phone settings (apps and network) won’t be affect your data or wipe your phone; so tourists’re safe and reliable. obey thes steps below to get started.

  • Launch your phone Settings, select turn off age block, then tap Reset options.
  • first, select Reset Wi-Fi, Smartphone & Bluetooth and confirm it to reset your network settings.
  • continue, coordinate back to Reset options and click Reset app preferences. Confirm it to reset your apps settings.

find about a service centre

Trying all thes on number one fixes without solving your emissary notification problem doesn’t mean tourists with to ditch emissary forever; visiting a technician might be what tourists requirement. Hopefully, they can consultation tourists appear into thes software, device settings, or in all thes hardware to find about thes culprit and fix it.

if that the customer make ability of Infinix, TECNO, or itel smartphone, tourists’re already at thes keep right place. We are thes exactly after a period of time-sell products service provider for these brands; we exist to ensure tourists enjoy using your phone always. And from today on that your emissary notifications are not working, visit our service centre soon tourists for a lookup.

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