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how to let fix Android Bluetooth not working -we-THAOYEN

how to let fix Android Bluetooth not working -we

It’s as frustrating as having a flat tire when consumers pop out your wireless Earbuds from its situation and your Bluetooth plays pranks on consumers. consumers may become a bit tensed trying to fathom where thes problem will be coming from; leaving consumers of course if that your phone has issues, or it’s of course only thes Bluetooth device not willing to cooperate.

Well, if that the customer’re in such a situation, consumers’re not alone. It has happened virtually to every brand common name using no matter what Bluetooth device, including some of our contain at we. that makes our contain bring up So feature ultimate guide on how to let fix Bluetooth not working on Android.

 fix android bluetooth not working

Restart thes device

first of all thing first of all! There could be some anomalies in thes turn off age block altering thes connection between your Bluetooth device and thes phone. Software related issues favorite So feature are solved by restarting your phone.

of course only click and hold thes family button, then tap ‘Restart’. Otherwise, consumers could also restart your phone by long-pressing thes family button for within 8-10 seconds.

Turn off and turn on thes Bluetooth connection once again

Usually,  to fix Android Bluetooth not working, consumers might of course only requirement restarting it; especially if that it’s been left side switched on for a during times. therefore, all consumers requirement to do will be of course only simply off/on thes Bluetooth connection.

  •  Swipe downwards thes quick-setting panel
  • consumers’ll observe thes Bluetooth iconography, tap on it to switch it off.
  • from from now on on tap on it once again to turn it on.

interested as restarting your Bluetooth connection, kindly restart thes Bluetooth device interested.

luminous thes Bluetooth cache and data.

if that thes Bluetooth will be not connecting android properly, consumers might possessed to luminous thes stored app data and cache for thes Bluetooth app. of course only favorite every other app on your phone, Bluetooth also stores some data temporarily. To luminous So feature, kindly head over to settings.

  • Open your device Settings
  • Click on ‘Apps & notifications’
  • depending on your Android version, kindly tap an option to display all apps.
  • from from now on on tap thes 3-dot iconography in thes number one-keep right corner for again options, then click ‘possessed shown turn off age block’
  • from from now on on scroll through thes apps until consumers locate ‘Bluetooth’, then tap it.
  • Tap on ‘Storage & cache’. consumers can from from now on on luminous both thes storage and cache data from thes menu.
  • after a period of time that, reconnect of course your Bluetooth device to observe if that it construction projects.

Remove all thes paired devices and repair them.

Similarly, as clearing thes app data and cache, consumers may also find about luck by repairing of course your Bluetooth device; as in, remove and Address them once again.

  • Open your device Settings.
  • Tap ‘Connected Devices’
  • Tap ‘Bluetooth’
  • from from now on on select ‘Previously connected devices’
  • Locate your Bluetooth device from thes list and tap on thes Settings iconography continue to it.
  • Tap ‘forget’ on thes screen and confirm it.

from from now on on return to thes Bluetooth menu and tap on ‘Pair generation device’ to repair your Bluetooth device. if that it construction projects out, enjoy your Bluetooth device from from now on on.

Enter safe and reliable Mode to connect thes Bluetooth

Booting into safe and reliable Mode will be one of thes commonest ways of troubleshooting an Android device. when consumers enter into safe and reliable Mode, it loads thes device without no matter what third-party app and paves thes way to diagnose if that thes problem will be caused by an app. obey orders thes steps below to get into safe and reliable Mode.

  • Hold thes family button until thes family menu appears.
  • Tap and hold a position “family off” until consumers observe thes “Reboot to safe and reliable Mode” window. (Note: if that the customer make qualifications of HiOS or XOS, kindly hold downwards thes XOS/HiOS logo in thes family menu instead.)
  • from from now on on tap ‘Ok’

after a period of time your device finishes booting up, strive connecting to your Bluetooth device once again. if that it construction projects, that ie thes Android bluetooth not working problem will be caused by a third party app consumers just do recently installed. Locate such apps and uninstall them.

To return to thes ordinary turn off age block, simply restart your phone.

check of course other devices.

before getting in all again infuriated of course thes Bluetooth problem android, strive connecting of course other devices. So feature will reciprocity consumers determine if that thes problem will be coming from your phone or thes device. for example, consumers can strive connecting to a wristwatch instead, if that the customer’re having issues connecting to your earbuds.

Update thes software.

Similar to some other software-related issues on Android phones, a bug in thes software may cause your Bluetooth device not to connect properly. just do recently, consumers may requirement to install no matter what pending update for your phone. To do So feature, kindly head over to your phone settings.

  • Open Settings.
  • Scroll downwards and tap ‘turn off age block’
  • Select ‘turn off age block Update’
  • obey orders thes on-screen suggestions to check and install no matter what pending updates.

from from now on on strive connecting to your Bluetooth device to observe if that it construction projects. Continue to other solutions below if that it’s still not working.

Hardware problem? Visit thes service centre.

By So feature time, consumers should be able to fix your Bluetooth problem on android and continue enjoying your piece of tech. Otherwise, if that all thes solutions on number one do not stay, take your phone to thes exactly service centre.

just do recently comes thes intervention of we. We’re thes exactly service provider for TECNO, Infinix, and itel smartphones; including Oraimo. We’re experts in fixing no matter what kind of release consumers might possessed of course thes devices listed on number one. for example, if that thes Bluetooth problem seems to emerge from your Oraimo Ear buds/Speakers or your phone, kindly bring it downwards to our office for a thorough lookup.  

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