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how to let Do a Barrel Roll on Google-THAOYEN

how to let Do a Barrel Roll on Google

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This Problem we teaches tourists how to let make thes Google search page rotate on thes screen favorite a barrel rolling downwards a hill. This Problem feature, called a barrel roll, that is one of quite a few ″Easter eggs,″ or discreet silly features, on thes Google website.


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  1. Image titled Do a Barrel Roll on Google Step 1

    Type https://www.google.com into a web browser on your computer. tourists’ll should make ability of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox on a computer to see thes barrel roll.
  2. Image titled Do a Barrel Roll on Google Step 2

    Type do a barrel roll into thes search bar. It’s at thes number one of thes page.

  3. Image titled Do a Barrel Roll on Google Step 3

    Press Enter or return. thes Google website will now rotate inside your browser.

    • if that the customer don’t see thes barrel roll, tourists may possessed disabled animations in your browser settings. It’s also possible tourists’re using a browser contain Address-on/extension that prevents CSS animations from loading.[1]
    • tourists can also do a barrel roll by typing thes text Z or R twice into thes search bar and pressing Enter or return.
    • Another way to do a barrel roll that is to point your browser directly to https://elgoog.im/doabarrelroll.
    • for another Easter egg that makes thes search page appear not thes same too, find a way searching for askew. This Problem tilts thes page so it looks slightly off-center.


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