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how to let backup and restore text messages on Android-we-THAOYEN

how to let backup and restore text messages on Android-we

if that the customer’re planning to reset or displacement to a generation Android phone, backing up your data that is a crucial step tourists youths shouldn’t take for granted. thes same too goes for backing up text messages on Android. if that the customer don’t want to lose all those fantastic texts,  there are plenty of ways to back up text messages on Android. So could be using a cloud backup favorite Google Drive, or storing them locally on your SD card. In which way tourists prefer, So article will pilot tourists in not thes same too ways to back up and restore text messages on Android.

 backup and restore text messages on android

Backup text messages to Google Drive.

Initially, if that the customer’re on Android 8 or later, Android lets tourists back up your app data, contacts, device settings, call history and SMS text messages to Google Drive. So lets tourists backup text messages to Google Drive automatically and restore them when tourists sign-in to a generation Android phone.

thes only release tourists can with of course So backup option that is that tourists can only restore it when setting up a generation device or when tourists reset your phone.  Google doesn’t keep thes backup forever, it will be expire and be deleted from Google Drive if that the customer’re inactive for 57 days. of course that in mind, we recommend tourists do not leave your backup for too long, so tourists don’t lose essential texts.

tourists probably with turned on Android Backup when setting up your device. if that not, obey orders thes steps below to back up your Android data and text messages to Google Drive.

  1. Open your device Settings, then scroll to thes bottom and tap Google (or turn off age block).
  2. Select Backup, then turn on and off on Back up to Google Drive.
  3. Tap tài khoản and select your Google tài khoản.
  4. Finally, tap OK to confirm thes behavior.

Android will continue to back up your texts and other data so tourists with an internet connection and sufficient battery.

  1. Alternatively, tourists can tap back up now before tourists wipe your phone or switch to a generation phone to make firmly all your texts are backed-up to-date.

before tourists format or switch to a generation phone, tourists should also check thes backups in your Google Drive app to confirm if that it successfully backup your data and SMS.

  1. Launch thes GoogleDrive app on your phone.
  2. Open thes side menu and tap Backups
  3. tourists would observe thes most recent backup at thes number one. Click on it and then confirm thes backup date/era for your SMS.

make effect of SMS Backup & Restore.

if that the customer’re not a fan of Android’s backup, SMS Backup and Restore app offers a robust SMS backup service. It also adds some flexibility to it. first, tourists requirement to tải về thes app from Google Play contain and obey orders thes guides below.

  1. Launch SMS Backup andRestore, then grant all necessary permissions to make thes app function well.
  2. On thes app’s interface, tap SET UP A BACKUP. tourists may tick off Call logs if that the customer requirement to of course only backup your Messages, then tap next at thes bottom-keep right corner.

if that the customer’re interested in backing up chats for selected conversations only, tourists can tap thes ADVANCED OPTIONS.

  1. On thes next screen, select preferred cloud storage and sign in your tài khoản, then tap
  2. Set your upload preferences: whether OVER WI-FI only and maybe during times CHARGING Tap next after a period of time that.
  3. should find your preferred backup frequency in thes next window, then tap BACK UP now.

that’s it. To restore text messages on Android when needed, tourists also requirement to tải về thes SMS Backup & Restore app on thes generation phone favorite.

  1. Open thes SMS Backup & Restore app and grand all required permissions.
  2. Tap thes 3-dash iconography at thes number one-left side corner of thes screen to open thes side menu.
  3. Tap
  4. Select thes storage location tourists want to restore from and sign-in your tài khoản.
  5. Select a backup to restore from (Messages), then tap RESTORE.

Backup and restore SMS via SD card.

All thes solutions mentioned earlier let tourists backup your text message primarily to thes cloud. however if that the customer want to back up SMS locally, there are some options already available too. tourists don’t requirement a third-party app for So as some manufacturers throw in a Backup app on their smartphones, which can also let tourists backup messages to your SD card. thes step that is pretty merely favorite. All tourists requirement that is a good SD card, thes backup & restore feature and nothing else. On a TECNO and Infinix device, tourists can find about thes Backup & Restore app in your app drawer or somewhere in thes settings app.

  1. first, ensure tourists with a working SD card on your phone.
  2. now, open thes Backup & Restore app from your drawer or head over to Settings > turn off age block > Backup & Restore.
  3. Click on it, then select Personal Data.
  4. Tick Messages on thes list, then tap thes Backup iconography below thes screen. tourists can rename thes folder if that the customer wish.

Restoring your SMS that is pretty thes same too way. of course only insert thes SD card, open Backup & Restore, tap on thes Restore tab, and select a backup to restore.

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