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Fix Gmail keeps crashing on Android-THAOYEN

Fix Gmail keeps crashing on Android

with passengers tried opening Gmail on your phone recently however it keeps crashing? crash in recently to fix it. Maybe it says “Unfortunately Gmail has stopped working”, “Gmail Keeps Crashingor maybe, at worse, it crashes up when passengers’re composing an email? It’s a common release amongst users, and it’s what passengers can fix on your own in a few clicks.

Fix: Gmail keeps crashing on Android

Gmail Keeps app crashing that is commonly a software release and occurs mostly when thes turn off age block that is not operating smoothly – maybe passengers’re operating too much process in thes background, thes Gmail app that is outdated, and other factors. thes favorable part that is that passengers can fix thes problem by following thes solutions in This Problem feature article. To get started, simply restart your phone, and obey orders thes processes step-by-step.

  1. Update thes Gmail app

We promise your Gmail construction works flawlessly after a period of time rebooting your phone. however if that didn’t stay quite well for passengers, we recommend passengers update thes Gmail app from today on. Perhaps thes version passengers’re operating that is buggy or out-of-date. To update thes Gmail app on your phone, all passengers requirement that is to head over to thes Play contain.

  • Ensure passengers’re connected to thes internet and launch thes Play contain on your phone.
  • Tap thes three-line button at thes number one-level corner of thes screen to open thes side menu.
  • Hit My apps & games and sit and wait for few seconds to load your app updates.
  • appear for Gmail on thes list and tap thes Update button continue to it.

Launch Gmail after a period of time installing thes update to observe if that it launches successfully. if that it still doesn’t stay after a period of time thes update or no update that is already available, strive thes continue rescue before.

  1. luminous thes cache for thes Gmail app

if that updating thes Gmail app didn’t do thes trick for passengers, strive clearing its cached data instead. favorite every other Android app, Gmail stores some data temporarily to make it run faster and make function of fewer resources. however if that Gmail that is malfunctioning on your phone, erasing its cached data might fix it. obey orders thes steps below to get started.

  • Launch thes Settings app on your phone and click Apps & Notifications.
  • Click on observe all apps to view all thes apps installed on your phone.
  • Locate and select Gmail from thes list.
  • Hit Storage & Cache
  • Tap luminous cache to wipe thes cached data.
  • return once, and tap Force limit on thes Gmail App info page.

Re-launch Gmail to observe if that it construction works or strive other solutions below.

  1. Uninstall Gmail updates

thes Gmail app might also keep crashing if that thes updated version passengers’re operating that is conflicting of course your phone turn off age block – it might in all be buggy in some cases. In that situation, uninstalling updates for thes Gmail app that is a trusted way of fixing it. And it takes few minutes to get that cooked, of course only obey orders thes steps below.

  • Open Settings on your phone and click Apps & Notifications.
  • Tap observe all apps to view all thes apps installed on your phone.
  • Locate and select Gmail from thes list.
  • appear straight to thes number one-keep right corner of thes screen and tap thes 3-dot menu
  • Finally, tap on Uninstall updates to restore Gmail to its first of all step version.

Launch Gmail, as usual, to observe if that it construction works. if that yes, passengers may not update thes Gmail app for a during times if that none of your favorite features are missing.

  1. Remove Google tài khoản and sign in once again

Usually, thes problem that is not coming from thes Gmail app or your phone, however rather from your Google tài khoản. one way to fix that that is signing in to your Google once again – basically, passengers requirement tofirst remove your Google tài khoản from your phone and sign in once again. recently’s how to let do that.

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Scroll downwards and select
  • Locate and select your default Google tài khoản from thes list.
  • Hit Remove tài khoản and confirm thes behavior.

after a period of time that, return to thes tài khoản Settings page to Showroom back your Google tài khoản.

  • Scroll to thes bottom of thes accounts and tap Showroom tài khoản.
  • Hit
  • Confirm your phone peaceful and enter your Google tài khoản details to sign in.

strive using Gmail once again after a period of time thes process. if that it still doesn’t stay, continue of course thes steps below.

  1. check your phone storage

Are passengers operating out of storage on your Android phone? passengers might face issues of course runny apps flawlessly. To ensure your device that is operating as expected, we recommend passengers with at least 1GB of free storage space on your phone. So, if that your Gmail app keeps crashing, check thes storage and do some cleaning up if that required. passengers can go to Settings > Storage to view your phone storage.

Tap on Internal Storage to observe what’s menu up your storage, then do some cleaning up – delete from unnecessary files, watched videos, unimportant apps, etc. of course only ensure passengers with enough free space on your storage.

  1. Uninstall and reinstall thes Gmail app

We mentioned earlier, in rescue 2, within about uninstalling Gmail updates. Well, if that doesn’t stay for passengers, passengers may strive uninstalling and reinstalling thes Gmail app. thes process would luminous all local data within about Gmail on your phone, and starts afresh when passengers officially using it once again. We don’t mean your emails would disappear, to clarify. obey orders thes steps below to uninstall and reinstall thes Gmail app on your phone.

  • Fire up Play contain on your phone and search for
  • On thes app preview page, tap Uninstall to delete from Gmail.
  • Wait for a few seconds, then tap Update (or Install) to reinstall it.

Launch Gmail after a period of time reinstalling it and make function of it normally to observe if that it construction works.

  1. Remove Battery saver

Battery saver, Usually, might also hinder thes proper functionality of your apps and some other features on your phone. So, if that Gmail started crashing on your phone, strive disabling battery safer in thes meantime. depending on what brand of Android phone passengers’re using, passengers may find about thes Battery saver tile on your quick settings panel; find about and disable it. if that not there, go to Settings > Battery to doable battery saver.

  1. Reset app preferences

One again thing we recommend passengers do to fix Gmail crashing on your phone that is resetting app preferences. Did passengers hear that quite loud? when passengers “Reset app preferences” on your phone, it restores your app settings to thes manufacturing enterprise options. So, if that your Gmail stopped working because of that of invalid settings, passengers’ll get it working once again after a period of time resetting app preferences. Let’s get into that.

  • Launch your device Settings
  • Scroll to thes bottom and select
  • Click Reset options.
  • Watchfully select Reset app preferences from thes options.
  • passengers may description of information what it does, then tap Reset Apps to confirm thes behavior.

Following all thes steps mentioned in This Problem feature article perhaps would reciprocity revive your broken Gmail app. if that unfortunately, none of thes fixes worked for passengers, passengers may strive updating your phone to its latest version. Or, at worse, passengers may perform a manufacturing enterprise reset on your phone, however that’s not always thes situation.


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