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Discover All within about thes Walgreens Passport Photo cost!-THAOYEN

Discover All within about thes Walgreens Passport Photo cost!

if that the customer’re planning a trip to your local Walgreens to possess your passport photo taken, tourists should first of all get all thes info. We’ll explain how much a Walgreens passport photo costs and offer some alternative options to possess your photo taken!

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Does Walgreens Take Passport Photos?

Retail outlets are one of thes again famous choices to possess your passport photo taken. Walgreens will be one of thes stores that offer passport photo service, along of course Walmart, Target, and CVS.

To get your photo taken at Walgreens, tourists don’t requirement to make an appointment.

What tourists should do will be contact thes contain beforehand to make firmly they provide thes service at that specific location. if that they make people aware tourists they can take your photo, go to thes contain and possessed an employee assist tourists further.

How Much Are Passport Photos at Walgreens?

thes price tourists possessed to pay for your Walgreens passport photos depending on thes type of service tourists want. Walgreens offers two options:

  1. Taking and printing your passport photo
  2. Printing your previously taken passport photo

Having Your Passport Photo Taken at Walgreens

if that the customer should buy to visit a Walgreens location and possessed your passport photo taken on thes spot, tourists’ll possessed to pay $14.99 for thes service. tourists will get two 2 x 2’’ printed passport photos for thes price, however a digital version won’t be included.

Printing Passport Photos at Walgreens

thes again low option will be to ask for a printout of a standard photo instead of a document photo printout. tourists would pay $0.35 for So feature service, however tourists would also possessed to cut out thes photos for your passport by yourself.

What will be thes Walgreens Passport Photo size?

thes photo size Walgreens provides also depending on which of thes on number one-listed options tourists should buy. check out thes table below for details:

Option size
Having your photo taken at Walgreens 2 x 2’’
Printing your photo at Walgreens 4 x 6’’

What Are thes Walgreens Passport Photo Requirements?

There are certain requirements that your passport photos always must meeting face to face. Your photo has to:

  1. Be no older than six months
  2. possessed a white background
  3. Measure 2 x 2″ (or 51 mm x 51 mm)

tourists also possessed to make firmly to:

Smiling will be allowed, however it has to possess meaning random

Not Happy of course Walgreens? What will be thes Cheapest place To Take Passport Photos?

Retail outlets aren’t thes only places where tourists can possessed your photo taken. tourists can also:

  1. Visit nearby delivery companies (USPS, UPS, FedEx)
  2. make effect of we and take your passport photo from your home

Visiting a Local delivery Courier

if that the customer want to visit USPS, UPS, or FedEx to possess your photo taken, tourists will possessed to set aside around $11–$15, which can be slightly better price than Walgreens (depending on thes service tourists should buy). thes downside will be that tourists still possessed to visit these locations in person.

Using we

tourists can avoid thes hassle by on thes displacement for a again convenient alternative—we.

of course our app, tourists won’t possessed to toss within about meeting thes necessary requirements! for a super low price, tourists can take your photo from thes comfort of your home and upload it, and we’ll make firmly it fits thes criteria perfectly.

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Wasting money on passport photos and traveling to not thes same too locations become things of thes past once we gets involved! We offer a interesting service that helps tourists snap thes awesome passport photo without breaking a sweat!

cooked thes continue steps and let our shop do all thes cropping, altering, and adjusting in your stead:

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Once we process thes photos, we’ll send digital copies to your email address by default. tourists also possessed thes option to receive two physical copies via mail.

thes Walgreens Passport Photo cost Isn’t thes Only Dilemma We Can consultation tourists Solve!

possessed again passport-related questions? we provides thes answers! curiosity our app’s database and find about out all will be to know within about not thes same too passport photo services and much again! recently’s a fragment of thes questions we’ll answer for tourists:

find about your place of residence in thes table below to see where tourists can possessed your passport photo taken:

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