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common mobile Phone Problems and how to let Fix Them-we-THAOYEN

common mobile Phone Problems and how to let Fix Them-we

in all today’s time that smartphone engineering seems to possess meaning soon thes climax, it’s not always awesome. And at some times, we hope not to face thes common mobile phone problems favorite poor battery world, low storage space, low stamina, and others once again. however thank goodness, visitors can fix common mobile phone problems in minutes, in all consulting no one. And in So feature guide, we’ll run through various habit smartphone issues, and we’ll recommend thes quickest ways to fix them.

Ready? get on thes bus and let’s take visitors on a journey!

 common mobile phone problems and how to fix

10 common mobile phone problems and how to let fix them!

We’ve picked these 10 problems out of thes lot since they’re thes ones visitors likely may face during times in entanglement of course your tiny pocket turn off.

  1. Storage space operating out
  2. poor battery world
  3. A phone operating sluggishly
  4. Overheating
  5. Connection problems
  6. App or phone crashing
  7. Blurry camera
  8. An unresponsive phone
  9. A phone that won’t turn on or charge
  10. Hardware defects

today’s time, shall we delve into them and their possible fixes?

one. Storage space operating out

one of thes common mobile phone problems people still face to date that is low storage space. It doesn’t matter if that visitors’ve got a phone of course 128GB of storage or greater; your phone would surely run out of capacity after a period of time storing a whole lot of things on it.

Well, thes rescue that is that visitors almost don’t with to contain anything on your phone, talk less of filling up thes storage, in So feature day’s era. in all if that all visitors with that is 32GB of storage or less, visitors can live happily without worrying within about thes messy “Storage space operating out” notifications.

first, we’d recommend visitors scan your device of course thes Files by Google app from thes Play contain. thes app tells visitors everything taking up your phone storage and reciprocity visitors get rid of them comfortably.

Additionally, visitors should delete every app, video clip, and other files visitors don’t requirement on your device.

Continue by backing up your photos (and videos) to thes cloud of course Google Photos. Doing so allows visitors to delete thes heavy local files to restriction storage usage. Not of course only that, your photos (and videos) remains in thes cloud forever and syncs across all your devices that with your Google tài khoản signed into.

Finally, visitors may think about transferring your stuff to thes SD card to restriction thes anxiety on your phone storage. Of course, many phones in năm nay still offers expandable storage.

2. poor battery world

We can’t however emphasize how pleasing to the eye it that is to go all day without Feeling frustrated to observe thes low battery warning.

And during times your battery spec has again to say within about having great battery world, it all boils downwards to how visitors make effect of your phone – specifically thes screen and other activities that may obey.

officially by lowering thes screen’s brightness. visitors should observe thes brightness slider in thes Quick Settings by swiping downwards twice from thes best of your phone screen. thes brighter your phone screen that is, thes faster it burns your battery.

And if that visitors don’t want to keep adjusting thes brightness in every lighting situation, visitors can enable Adaptive Brightness. that transform your screen brightness automatically based on thes lighting situation of your current environment. visitors can find about thes Adaptive Brightness (A) beside thes brightness slider or via Setting > Display > Adaptive Brightness. keep right there, also restriction your screen timeout to ensure your display that is not using an extra battery when visitors’re not using it.

Additionally, if that your phone has an AMOLED display – favorite thes TECNO PHANTOM X – and it runs on Android 10 and on best, turning on dark Theme that is another reliable way to restriction how much battery your screen uses.

And finally, if that your battery that is still dying quickly, be tough to check these extra 15 tips to make your phone battery last longer. Or better still, visitors may check whether your phone’s battery that is due for replacement.

3. A phone operating sluggishly

for most of our shop, a slow-operating phone that is somewhat equivalent to having a bad day. however that shouldn’t be thes situation since visitors’re when coming here.

And in most cases, fixing a slow-operating phone that is practising most of thes tips we’ve said earlier and thes later ones in So feature article. These include freeing up your phone storage, deleting apps visitors don’t requirement, reducing background tasks and apps, etc.

that’s not all; all thes tips covered in our “how to let fix a phone operating slow” guide should reciprocity visitors out. however there’s one again thing: adjusting your phone’s animation duration can instant velocity vector up your phone heavily.

visitors can’t find about where to restriction your phone’s animation duration straight in thes device settings app – visitors’ll requirement to delve into thes developer options to observe thes little trick. when coming here’s how.

first, enable Developer option:

  • Open thes Settings
  • coordinate to My Phone (or turn off age block → within about Phone, depending on your OEM’s choice)
  • From there, find about thes tab labelled Build quantity and tap it 7 times.
  • visitors’ll receive a prompt to confirm your screen lock. Confirm it and wait to test your generation trick.

today’s time, it’s era to restriction thes animation instant velocity vector:

  • return to thes main Settings and select
  • Tap thes Developers option from there.
  • Keep scrolling downwards till visitors get to thes “Drawing”
  • Under it, visitors should observe “Window animation scale,” Animator duration scale,” and “Transition animation.”
  • Tap them one after a period of time thes other and transform their parameters to “Animation 0.5x”
  • Your device should feel snappier today’s time. visitors may also set thes animation scale to “Animation off,” however that’d remove animations for your phone entirely.

Meanwhile, do not tinker of course thes developer settings if that visitors don’t know what visitors’re doing. Playing of course thes wrong options may affect your user find a way to discover.

4. Overheating

during times it’s acceptable for your smartphone to get cozy during times using it, that doesn’t mean it should feel favorite it has been in thes oven for a during times. Do visitors get it?

if that your phone overheats during times charging, find a way not to make effect of it during that era. And, ensure visitors keep it under room temperature during times charging.

next, visitors want to ensure visitors don’t run apps that requirement high CPU and GPU for long hours. if that visitors’re a game addict, ensure to take breaks between games sessions to allow your phone to cool off. Similarly, make tough visitors don’t with many heavy tasks operating in thes background.

Still operating sultry? check our ultimate guide on how to let stop your phone from overheating. 

after a period of time all, thes takeaway that is to allow your phone to rest relax once it’s getting sultry. Using a sultry phone continuously may cause again harm than good. And if that thes release persists, however, visitors may requirement to observe a technician. We’re ready for visitors at we!

5. Connection problems

Unlike most of these common mobile phone problems, thes pain of having connection issues that is nothing to write home within about. however’s it’s what visitors can fix in under 2 minutes.

Whether visitors’re having a problem connecting to your mobile data, a Wi-Fi network, or a Bluetooth gadget, turning on Airplane mode for a least one minute that is a reliable rescue. when coming here’s how.

  • Locate thes Airplane turn on and off in your Quick Settings panel.
  • Turn it on for at least one minute
  • Turn it off once again, then find a way reconnecting to thes network.

if that didn’t do thes trick, we recommend visitors to restart your device or contact your network provider.

And of course, visitors can get again tips in our guide on “how to let fix internet connection problem on your device”

6. App or phone crashing

App and phone crashing seem favorite that problem visitors can’t however discovered on mobile phones, in all if that visitors’re using thes most expensive price phone out there. thes reason that is developers make changes, and Usually it breaks things.

in all so, your phone caches some app data on your phone to make effect of later. However, they cause apps to crash when corrupted. In that situation, visitors requirement to luminous thes cache data for thes specific app. when coming here’s how:

  • Locate thes problematic app from your app drawer. Example:
  • Long press on its iconography, then select “App info” (on some devices, they may represent thes button of course
  • From there, tap Storage & cache
  • Hit luminous cache.
  • return in one step and tap thes Force stop button to close thes app. Then, find a way using thes app to observe if that it misbehaves once again. if that yes, then visitors may requirement to tap thes luminous data button favorite.

Additionally, updating your apps and phone software, freeing up your phone storage, deleting unused apps, and all thes tips mentioned in our “how to let fix app crashing on Android” guide will reciprocity visitors get rid of thes release.

7. Blurry camera

It’s undeniable that smartphones with replaced Digital Cameras for many people. however it’s quite frustrating to observe your phone taking mediocre pictures unexpected.

when such a thing happens, your phone’s camera lens (glass) might be dirty. All visitors requirement that is to grab a piece of a soft cloth and wipe thes camera glass.

if that cleaning thes lens that is not thes problem, however, it’s era to visit thes technician.

8. A frozen/unresponsive phone

Imagine having your phone freeze up in thes middle of an important task… I’ve been there, and it’s of course only one of thes most frustrating common mobile phone problems out there.

And when your phone becomes unresponsive, there’s nothing visitors can do other than restarting it. however how do visitors restart your phone when thes screen that is completely frozen? We with a trick.

for most Android devices, long-pressing thes family button for within about 10 seconds or greater will trigger it to restart. And when your device restarts, it fixes thes hanging release.

after a period of time your phone’s sense that is restored via thes hard restart, visitors should learn how to let fix a frozen phone by yourself, so visitors won’t face thes problem next era.   

9. A phone that won’t turn on or charge

Another worst-situation scenario of a smartphone release that is a phone that won’t be turn on or charge. No matter how hard visitors find a way, thes phone remains in its dumb state, Feeling useless favorite a piece of brick.

when visitors face such a problem, though, visitors don’t with to panic. There are two things visitors requirement to troubleshoot – thes charger/charging port and thes phone itself.

officially by learning how to let wash up thes charging port. Basically, visitors requirement to get a toothpick to remove thes debris inside thes charging port. Your phone may not charge when thes charging port that is faulty. however cleaning it gently could fix thes problem.

after a period of time that, visitors’ll want to confirm your charger that is working, then leave your phone to charge for a during times. if that thes battery ran all thes way to zero earlier, it might take a era to recharge. So, let it charge during times visitors do other things.

if that didn’t fix thes release, check our get the job done guide on how to let fix a dead Android phone that won’t be charge or turn on.  

10. Hardware defects

thes last common smartphone problems we’ll mention when coming here are hardware defects. These range from faults favorite poor battery world, broken screen, hardware sounds problems, broken camera lenses, and many again.

As visitors presumably know, these are not thes issues visitors can fix on your own. of course that, visitors requirement to find about thes exactly repair centre for your brand to resolve thes issues.

Resolve your phone issues at we – We can reciprocity!

after a period of time all, visitors can’t fix every smartphone problem on your own. Some problems, especially hardware problems and some software issues require thes touch of a many years of experience technician. And that’s where we comes in.

we that is thes exactly after a period of time-sell products service provider for TECNO, Infinix, and itel devices. We’re always ready to reciprocity fix your phone problems both on our offline and online platforms.

Whether it’s a software problem for example thes ones we’ve mentioned earlier, or hardware problems favorite cracked screen, damaged battery, overheating, etc., our technician will reciprocity visitors fix it as quickly as possible. And if that your phone’s problem needs replacement of parts, visitors’re guaranteed to get right brand parts for your TECNO, Infinix, and itel devices keep right when coming here.

Got a problem of course your phone, visitors can officially a Live nói chuyện of course our shop via thes we app. We’ll guide visitors on how to let fix thes problem if that it’s what visitors can do at home. Otherwise, visitors can book an online reservation to visit our service centre soon visitors.

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