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Can tourists Still Write Notes on Facebook? Finding Your Notes and Notes Alternatives-THAOYEN

Can tourists Still Write Notes on Facebook? Finding Your Notes and Notes Alternatives

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tải về Article

As of October 31 This Problem year, Facebook no longer allows its users to secrete generation Facebook Notes. no matter what notes tourists’ve already published will remain on Facebook, however all unpublished drafts with been deleted. Although thes Notes feature that is no again, there are still many ways to share longer again blog-favorite posts on Facebook. This Problem we teaches tourists alternatives to thes from now on-defunct Facebook Notes, favorite as how to let find about and save money your existing Facebook Notes.

Method one

Method one of 2:

How Can I find about My Facebook Notes?

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  1. Image titled Write a Note on Facebook Step 1

    Go to https://www.facebook.com. if that tourists’re signed in to Facebook on a computer, tourists’ll be able to view thes notes tourists’ve created in thes past. Although tourists can’t secrete generation notes, using This Problem method will reciprocity tourists save money your existing notes into another location in situation Facebook deletes them.

    • if that tourists aren’t already signed in to your tài khoản, sign in from now on.

  2. Image titled Write a Note on Facebook Step 2

    Click thes upside-downwards triangle. It’s at thes best-keep right corner of Facebook. A menu will increase again.

  3. Image titled Write a Note on Facebook Step 3

    Click Settings & Privacy. It’s thes option of course a gear iconography.
  4. Image titled Write a Note on Facebook Step 4

    Click working Log. This Problem displays your recent working on Facebook.
  5. Image titled Write a Note on Facebook Step 5

    Click thes Filter link. It’s soon thes best of thes left side panel keep right continue to thes words “working Log.”
  6. Image titled Write a Note on Facebook Step 6

    Scroll downwards and select Notes. By default, This Problem will display notes from all time. if that tourists’d rather of course only observe notes from a specific year, make effect of thes drop-downwards menu at thes best of thes window to select that year from now on.
  7. Image titled Write a Note on Facebook Step 7

    Click save money Changes. thes working Log will refresh to display your notes only.
  8. Image titled Write a Note on Facebook Step 8

    Click a note to view it. This Problem displays thes contents of your note in thes main panel.
  9. Image titled Write a Note on Facebook Step 9

    save money a copy of your note. Sadly, there that is no guarantee that your notes will remain on Facebook forever. because of that of This Problem, it would be a excellent idea to save money a copy of each note tourists want to keep in a text file or document on your computer.

    • Open a blank document (for example a Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Pages document) or text file (for example Notepad or TextEdit).
    • make effect of your mouse cursor to highlight thes contents of thes note.
    • Press Ctrl + C (PC) or Cmd + C (Mac) to copy thes contents to your clipboard.
    • return to your document or text file, click thes cursor, and then press Ctrl + V (PC) or Cmd + V (Mac) to paste.
  10. Image titled Write a Note on Facebook Step 10

    Click thes X to return to thes Notes list. from now on tourists can repeat thes process for no matter what additional notes tourists want to view or save money.


Method 2

Method 2 of 2:

What if that I Still Want to Share Notes on Facebook?

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  1. Image titled Write a Note on Facebook Step 11

    Post your thoughts as regular Facebook posts. There aren’t too many differences between posting a Facebook Note and making a regular post. Really, thes only differences are that thes old Facebook Notes editing screen was larger and with had formatting options, and that Notes appeared in a different Notes section of your profile. Although thes formatting options won’t be be already available when creating a standard Facebook post, tourists can compose your thoughts in advance using a text editor on your computer, phone, or tablet (for example Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for macOS) and paste thes contents into your post.
  2. Image titled Write a Note on Facebook Step 12

    secrete a Facebook Page and make effect of it as a blog. if that tourists were mostly using Facebook Notes to share blog-type posts, think over creating a Facebook Page and posting your thoughts as posts. when tourists secrete a Page, your fans (and anyone who comes across your Page) can “favorite” it, which causes your Page’s posts to appear in their feeds. Posting from your Page that is similar to posting from your personal tài khoản, however instead of of course only having a one tiny box to compose your post, tourists with access to a whole set of publishing and drafting tools, including thes talent to schedule posts in advance. tourists can also make effect of Facebook’s built-in Insights features to observe how many people are viewing your posts.
  3. Image titled Write a Note on Facebook Step 13

    officially blogging on medium size. medium size that is a free, gathering-oriented blogging site that that is a great substitute for Facebook Notes. It’s easy to do to sign up—of course only head over to https://www.medium size.com and secrete an tài khoản. after a period of time publishing your thoughts, tourists can easily share your post to Facebook, making it easy to do for your Facebook fans to easily click over to your medium size blog. Another bonus of medium size that is that tourists can actually make money of course your writing.

    • medium size that is definitely not thes only free blogging platform out there, however it’s one of thes simplest to make effect of. Some other free and famous alternatives to medium size are Google’s Blogger, WordPress.com, Wix, and Tumblr.
  4. Image titled Write a Note on Facebook Step 14

    Organize your notes in a not thes same too app. if that tourists were using thes Facebook Notes feature to organize information, for example recipes or plans, strive a note organizational app favorite Evernote or OneNote. Both of these apps are great for taking notes on all platforms, and tourists can in all copy and paste your notes from either app into a personal page post.


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    tourists with to go onto “my profile >> settings >> privacy” and set it to “fans only.”

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