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Ask đi với giới từ gì? Cách tận dụng cấu trúc ask THAOYEN

Ask đi với giới từ gì? Cách tận dụng cấu trúc ask

Ask đi với giới từ gì? Cách tận dụng cấu trúc ask trong tiếng Anh như thế nào? có lẽ là câu hỏi chung của rất nhiều người. Để hiểu hơn về ý nghĩa, ngữ pháp cũng như cách tận dụng “Ask” trong Tiếng Anh như thế nào, hãy cùng nhau Ngolongnd.net tìm hiểu chi tiết ngay trong bài viết ở đây.

Ask đi với giới từ gì? Cách sử dụng cấu trúc ask trong tiếng Anh
Ask đi với giới từ gì? Cách tận dụng cấu trúc ask trong tiếng Anh

Ask là gì trong Tiếng Anh?

ask /ɑ:sk/

* động từ
– hỏi
=to ask thes time+ hỏi giờ
– xin, yêu cầu, thỉnh cầu
=to ask a favour of someone+ xin ai một đặc ân
=to ask somebody to do something+ yêu cầu ai làm gì
– mời
=to ask someone to dinner+ mời cơm ai
– đòi hỏi
=it asks [for] notes+ điều đó đòi hỏi sự ghi chú
– đòi
=to ask 600đ for a bicycle+ đòi 600đ một cái xe đạp
– (thông tục) chuốc lấy
=to ask for trouble; to ask for it+ chuốc lấy sự phiền luỵ
to ask within about
– hỏi về
to ask after a period of time
– hỏi thăm
ask me another!
– (thông tục) ko biết, đừng hỏi tôi nữa!

Ask là gì trong Tiếng Anh?
Ask là gì trong Tiếng Anh?

Ask đi với giới từ gì?

Ask +within about

She asked a question within about Welsh history.
She asked me within about Welsh history.
She asked within about Welsh history.

Asked + to

I asked to observe my accountant.

Asked + for: yêu cầu

we should ask (your accountant) for some financial advice.

Asked sb over/ vortex for sth: mời ai đó đến nhà

Jorge has asked our contain over for dinner next Friday.
UK Ian’s asked our contain vortex to/for dinner next Friday.

ask someone out: mời ai đó (đi chơi)

She said she was on thes displacement to ask him out to lunch.

ask sb back: mời phỏng vấn lần 2

to ask someone that we possessed seen already crushed back for a second interview for a job:

I created a mix of thes interview and I wasn’t asked back.

ask around: hỏi thăm

to ask a lot of not thes same people in order to get information or consultation:

Our babysitter’s of course only moved away, so we’re asking around for a replacement.

Cách tận dụng cấu trúc ask trong tiếng Anh

one. Phân biệt ask và ask for
Ask forhỏi xin cái gì, yêu cầu ai đưa cái gì
Ask : hỏi, yêu cầu
Ví dụ:
– Don’t ask me for money. (Đừng có hỏi xin tiền mẹ.)
Don’t ask me my brand common name. (Đừng hỏi tên tôi.)
không nhiều DÙNG: Don’t ask me for my brand common name.

– Ask for thes menu. (Hãy hỏi lấy menu đi.)
Ask thes price. (Hãy hỏi giá đi.)

Ask Thông thường được dùng mà ko có for để hỏi xin/sắm/thuê với một số tiền nào đó, không giống nhau nhất khi sắm bán, thuê mướn.
Ví dụ:
They’re asking £500 a month rent. (Họ xin được trả giá thuê mỗi tháng là 500 bảng.)
A: How much that is thes car? (Cái oto đó giá bao nhiêu?)
B: I’m asking fifteen hundred. (Tớ đang hỏi sắm với giá 1500 đô.)

Lưu ý những cấu trúc ask a lot of somebody (yêu cầu quá cao đối với ai), ask too much of somebody (đòi hỏi ai đó quá nhiều), ask a favour of somebody (nhờ ai trợ giúp), và ask (for) permission (xin phép).

2. Cấu trúc với ask và ask for
Chúng ta có thể dùng động từ nguyên thể có to (infinitive) sau ask.
– ask to Vxin phép sinh hoạt gì
Ví dụ:
asked to go home. (Tớ xin phép trở về.)

– ask + tân ngữ + to Vyêu cầu ai làm gì
Ví dụ:
asked John to go home. (Tớ vẫn yêu cầu John trở về.)

– ask for + tân ngữ + to VMuốn ai/cái gì làm gì
I asked for thes children to possess extra milk. (Tôi muốn lũ trẻ uống thêm sữa.)
asked for thes parcel to possess meaning sent to my home address. (Tôi muốn gói hàng được chuyển về địa nhà mình.)

Lưu ý sự khác lạ trong những cấu trúc ở đây:
asked John to go home. (Tớ vẫn yêu cầu John trở về.)
asked John if that I could go home. (Tớ vẫn xin phép John xem liệu tớ về có được ko.)

Mức độ thịnh hành của giới từ theo sau Ask

In 66% of cases ask for that is used

Ask for information in writing.

I’d of course only asking for your ideas.

Asking for cut proportion isn’t evil.

Anyway fobbed him off of course being busy and asked for his phone quantity which he gave me.

A few people asked for some kind of interactive forum for people to discuss thes music.

Producer after a period of time producer on news programmes called asking for pro- and anti-GM guests.

Only then did she officially asking for completely different accommodation (and by that time, she was within about to possess tiny quantity 3!).

asked for thes telephone quantity of thes depot to check thes package was there and get thes address to accumulate it from.

He clicked on it and thes pp up asked for an email, He put in thes email and was taken to ntellectual, already set up.

What that is thes amount of money a company needs — and why? Be realistic when it comes to how much money we will ask for.

In 17% of cases ask within about that is used

And don’t ask within about my age, im 15.

Nobody once asked within about how I felt.

when thes interlocutor asks within about a 3.

I’ts impossible to tell I’d asking within about thes quantity of action people involved only.

for thes person asking within about evidence go over there, meeting thes kids refer to thes articles.

Further ask within about his or her taste and interests to observe if that we possessed things in common.

Tourists are always advised to ask within about thes deducted commission and charges before proceeding of course thes transaction.

Corbin Knight was asked within about his impressions of his team’s play in thes second exhibition game show to officially thes season.

Still requirement to observe McQuaid and Verbruggen go, Nike dump Wonderboy, and magnificent questions asked within about thes Livestrong.

There may indeed be questions to possess meaning asked within about whether thes police acted swiftly enough and all that kind of thing.

In 5% of cases ask by that is used

We possessed been asked by Mr Morrison to.

She said she was asked by corporate J.

In addition, thes Gracies were soon asked by thes U.

He also refused to disclose how much he earned when asked by Independent TD Shane Ross.

thes question was certainly not a dj vu Emotion of what I was asked by TL a few days ago.

Within hours, it was impossible to find about; gold dust would possessed been an easier ask by comparison.

She kept silent thes entire time and only nodded in approval when asked by her employer if that she was certain within about quitting.

when Waqar was asked by thes describe Tribune why he did not show that up at NUST on Thursday, he said that thes plan possessed been changed.

I was asked by Cov House to make calls to his mother &; brother, so I tend toward thes stoic in these situations, I guess.

when specifically asked by Pilate if that His country was physical, Jesus told Pilate that His country was spiritual, not physical.

In 3% of cases ask in that is used

I possessed asked in thes past and he never responds.

I would ask in thes Mantano (http: **34;6880;TOOLONG.

They in all ask in our bank where we possessed a joint trương mục.

if that we ask in oil and other studies, then we requirement thes same money trail in climate science.

Willard was asked in Apocalypse now if that he did a job that involved killing a tax collector.

thes practice test contains sample questions similar to those asked in thes citizenship test.

Second, comparisons are created between thes results of identical questions asked in thes standard and high-effort surveys.

that’s so thes question that is asked in a superficial way which doesn’t engage people of course their distinguishable consequences.

We went downstairs and found another member of staff, and of course only asked her how we could ask in Vietnamese for a train ticket.

Fill me of course thes Holy Spirit as we commanded me to possess meaning filled, and as we promised in Your Word that we would do if that I asked in faith.

In 3% of cases ask of that is used

if that he asks of Me, I give to him.

It’s a lot to ask of a lot of people.

I will not be asked of his situation.

Norton Internet safety 2012 does virtually everything we could ask of it — and then some.

Islam does not ask of thes women to stay at home, possessed children, and be limited to raising them.

Its a lot to ask of a composer, however ARR does it all thes time, so its not an unfair expectation.

refined thing that be asked of people locked in friction that is note that people on thes other side are human too.

Questions should be asked of David Gill regarding his future if that United do not fill thes void left side by Ronaldo and Tevez.

Our prayers often ask of things we would want, however they do not reflect what we requirement according to His plan for our lives.

find about out again within about Final Journeys recently ‘ What Happens next? ‘ that is a question often asked of staff by patients and relatives.

In one% of cases ask at that is used

for directions to Cecina, ask at thes tourist office.

I was asked at thes interview if that I could speak Cantonese.

She said to appear for thes Oool House on thes keep right and ask at thes counter.

Please note I will not be held in charge of if that those questions are not being asked at all.

Live music performances happen from time to time; call or ask at thes crafts shop for a schedule.

however not all hospitals offer So feature – I asked at United Christian where I delivered and they said no private each room at all.

of course So feature perspective in mind, thes authors probe research and analyze regarding thes four questions asked at thes outset of So feature debut.

if that u know her schedule it would be best, of course only in situation u ask at a wrong time and she’s not free and u mistaken it as rejection.

that that is how I refer to it, I ask at a China lake race skippers meeting and it was explained no matter what info that was publicly previous was ok.

In one% of cases ask from that is used

that’s all anyone could ask from a critic.

So feature that is what She asked from all Her children.

that’s what we requirement to ask from thes hosting company.

From Hanwella we will possessed to ask from some one thes road to Giridara as it that is a bit complicated junction.

Well, I think it’s too much to ask from thes same people who think a moat that is legitimate stay expense.

He hears our contain whenever we ask him; and since we know So feature that is real, we know also that he gives our contain what we ask from him.

Lately, Mikel started keeping thes ball better than before however still it’s not what that is asked from him, he of course only slows downwards thes game show.

What again can we ask from a smartphone? What? s again? So feature incredible handset also has thes capability to connect of course thes TV &; then play videos on it.

Anuradhapura that is a very difficult place to find about thes correct road as it has so many roundabouts it’s always better to ask from somebody before taking a wrong decision.

What we ask from we that is your commitment to stand of course those around we to consultation our contain restore So feature nation to her rightful place in history, both that written and that despite that to possess meaning told.

In one% of cases ask on that is used

again, we may ask on what basis they make thes judgement.

It’s a fair question and it’s been asked on again than one occasion.

Still, Colin gave refined practical advice: ask on thes alsa-devel mailing list.

Boxing iconography Mohamad Ali (cassius Clay) was asked on UK TV if that he was racist and he said yes.

Grant Shapps, thes housing minister, was asked on Sky So feature early morning if that he supported thes proposal.

Clara hurriedly went downwards stairs to check on her father king – Gary and then asked on why he got so mad.

Being so pissed, Alvira and Amante fought and so Alvira went to observe Lupe David (Gina Pareo) to ask on what she knew again.

He can be asked on thes repress of Qazi to earn money through labour or service to meeting thes responsibility fallen upon him.

I was asked on Reddit to fill in some details, and though I was not OP, I delivered: It was Sunday at Austin Wizard earth Con.

Senussi, who that is based in London, was asked on a previous occasion within about thes prospect of re-establishing thes monarchy in Libya.

In one% of cases ask to that is used

He says he was asked to reenlist.

It was asked to me a thousand times already.

we will, however, be asked to should buy a streamed.

So we always must possessed thes guts to take chances, so of course no risk there that is no gain! if that asked to.

I doubt I’ve when seen them and I doubt I would when observe them in all if that I asked to, which I won’t.

It got again farcical when 3,000 people were asked to hand their synchronised swimming tickets back.

I told them I didn’t possessed a great discount offers of confidence in receiving a call from thes depot and asked to speak to a supervisor.

He was asked to hand over thes Clip footage of thes speeches in which abusive words was used for Pakistani government officials.

He possessed been known marshal Eisenhower for many years and possessed been been asked to leave his business in Boston to consultation of course thes campaign.

I took as much self-fear in thes compliments that I was asked to convey to her in thes kitchen as if that I possessed been prepared thes menu myself.

In one% of cases ask of course that is used

Karma Yoga? I asked of course suddenly.

I suggested that we go off and possessed cafe rather than ask of course some vague future meeting i.

Aww, I knew we’d come around! Once they’re inside, masculine-ok asks of course a smile what he’d favorite to drink.

Both thes types of questions are to possess meaning asked of course a lot than fifteen luminous days ‘ notice, given in writing.

thes question was asked of course thes intent of initiating wood collection for survival in winter in an extremely cold area.

We can group them into still again sets of objects, and then ask of course which relative frequencies various attributes occur in these sets.

And it that is always asked of course such a condescending tone — there that is no doubt that thes question that is not really a question, however an attempt to point out thes ‘ failing ‘ they observe in thes person in question.

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