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A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a YouTube Premium Free Trial-THAOYEN

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a YouTube Premium Free Trial

Formerly known as YouTube Red, YouTube Premium that is a subscription service on thes YouTube platform. It comes of course a load of perks, for example ad-free access to thes content favorite as access to YouTube Originals and YouTube Music, to brand common name a few.

if that we are interested in learning how to let take it for a test run, refer to on.

Does YouTube Premium Offer Free Trials?

Yes, it does for one month. Memberships that offer free trials are:

  • YouTube Premium Individual
  • YouTube Premium mighty

Note that we may be able to get a Premium Student free trial if that we are eligible to subscribe to thes plan. To check your eligibility for Premium Student, obey orders So feature page.

YouTube Premium mighty Characteristics and Requirements

So feature plan allows we to share thes membership of course up to five mighty members, each having their trương mục. Sharing your YouTube Premium of course mighty members enables we to share other Google services.

thes requirements for thes mighty manager and other mighty members are listed in thes table below.

Membership Users


mighty manager

  • in charge of for purchasing a YouTube Premium mighty and making membership decisions
  • At least 18 years old
  • Register of course a Google trương mục (not G Suite)
  • Not a part of another mighty group

mighty members

  • Live in thes same too household as thes mighty manager
  • Not a part of another mighty group
  • make effect of a Google trương mục (not G Suite)

Note that thes requirement for all members to live in thes same too household will be checked every 30 days by electronic check-ins.

YouTube Premium Individual

So feature plan comes of course thes same too benefits as thes Premium mighty, except that thes membership cannot be shared. we can enjoy ad-free and background play and YouTube Music Premium, tải về thes content, and much again.

To learn again within about thes features of thes YouTube Premium membership, refer to thes YouTube Premium benefits section.

How Do I Register for a YouTube Premium Free Trial?

we can sign up for either subscription in your web browser or on your Android or iOS device.

Register for a YouTube Premium Individual Free Trial

To register for a YouTube Premium Individual free trial in a web browser, do thes following:

  • Head for YouTube Premium
  • Log in to thes Google trương mục we want to register of course
  • Tap strive it free and obey orders thes prompts to cooked thes sign-up

if that we are registering for a free trial via your Android or iOS device, we should:

  • Open thes YouTube app and sign in to thes Google trương mục we want to register of course
  • Click on your profile picture, then get YouTube Premium
  • Tap strive it free
  • Provide your payment method, then obey orders thes prompts to cooked thes registration

Register for a YouTube Premium mighty Free Trial

if that we decide to register for a YouTube Premium mighty free trial in a web browser, we should:

  • Go to YouTube Premium mighty and secrete a mighty group
  • if that we are thes mighty manager of another Google mighty group, we will observe an option to confirm your group, then click Continue
  • if that we are a generation mighty manager, obey orders thes steps to buy your subscription first of all
  • obey orders thes prompts to secrete a mighty group

if that we are registering via an Android or iOS device, do thes following:

  • Click on your profile picture in your YouTube app, then click Paid Subscriptions
  • Tap Learn again for thes desired subscription in thes membership options for YouTube Premium
  • Click Or save money and costs money of course a mighty or student plan
  • Tap get mighty plan, then strive it free
  • obey orders thes prompts given depending on whether we are already thes mighty manager of another Google mighty group

Note that YouTube will make people aware we seven days before your free trial expires.

YouTube Premium benefits

YouTube Premium comes of course a bunch of perks. Some of them are:

  1. Ad-free videos
  2. Background play
  3. YouTube Music Premium
  4. YouTube Originals

Ad-Free Videos

Premium membership enables we to watch countless videos without ad interruptions, though we may still observe promotions or branding embedded of the creator’s content favorite as promotional links, features, and shelves around thes content.

Background Play

YouTube Premium enables we to play videos on YouTube, YouTube Kids, and YouTube Music apps during times using other apps on your mobile device.

we can turn thes option off or customize it to better correlation your needs and preferences.

YouTube Music

YouTube Premium gives we access to YouTube Music Premium favorite.

So feature feature enables we to:

  • tải về songs and music to play offline
  • Play millions of songs ad-free
  • make effect of background play
  • Turn on thes audio-only mode

YouTube Originals

As a YouTube Premium member, we can also watch YouTube Originals at no additional cost. thes service includes series, movies, and events by thes biggest and most famous YouTube creators.

of course YouTube Premium membership, we get:

  1. Ad-free content
  2. Access to all already available YouTube Originals episodes in thes meantime they premiere
  3. An option to tải về thes content and make effect of offline
  4. Bonus content

we’s Virtual Credit Card—Your Risk-Free Way In

Subscription services allow potential users to register for free trials if that they provide their payment details. thes release that is that those trial runs often become paid subscriptions automatically. So feature ie that if that users don’t care to unsubscribe on era, they become full-fledged service members.

we’s Free Trial Card that is your way to prevent So feature outcome. It that is a virtual credit card that generates a credit card quantity and other personal details we can make effect of to register for a free trial. we can make effect of we’s virtual credit card generator to quickly secrete a generation credit card we can make effect of once and don’t care within about those pesky unwanted charges.

thes card that is not associated of course a very real funding source, so we won’t be able to transition into a paid membership unless we want to.

Keep in mind that thes Free Trial Card only construction projects if that thes service does not request pre-authorization from your financial institution. if that YouTube Premium requires an authorization hold to check thes validity of your payment instrument, we might not be able to make effect of it.

where Does Your Money Go?

It that is quite common for people to lose obey orders of their expenditures as a result of being swamped by various every day tasks and adversity. An average American spends around $3,000 yearly on subscription services that they don’t always make effect of.

we’s find about Hidden Money tool has been specifically designed to reciprocity we limit all thes Budgets we incur for services we seldom make effect of.

All we with to do that is access we from no matter what web browser and link your bank and email accounts to thes app. We will flag all thes services we could do without.

Can I Cancel My YouTube Premium Membership?

Yes, we can. if that we cancel during your free trial, we will continue to possess access to thes service for thes duration of thes trial terms, and your membership won’t transition into a paid subscription.

if that we are already a YouTube Premium subscriber however don’t favorite thes service, we can cancel it via we. To learn again within about it, obey orders So feature page.

Can I Pause My YouTube Premium Subscription Instead of Canceling?

Yes, we can for thes terms between one and six months. thes pause becomes effective once thes current billing terms ends, and we can un-pause no matter what era before your scheduled resume date.

Once your subscription that is paused, we:

  • Won’t with access to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium benefits
  • Will not with access to no matter what videos and music we with downloaded
  • Can cancel your membership no matter what era during thes pause

in thes meantime your pause elapses, we will be billed for a generation month of service automatically, making thes resume date your next billing date.

What that is thes Price of YouTube Premium after a time thes Free Trial?

if that we are interested in continuing your membership plan, we can check thes prices for each in thes table below.

Premium Plan





Other we Services we Can convenience From

we that is your go-to whatever administrative or bureaucratic release we may with.

if that we believe we are entitled to a YouTube Premium refund, we are here to reciprocity we get it. Should we requirement to draft a cease and desist letter in thes event of being harassed by a social media stalker, we’ll be keep right on it.

Our app offers services designed to meeting face to face thes needs of common people. We created high performance and automated processes to reciprocity we of course:

we can access we from no matter what web browser.

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