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7 ways to fix “sim card not detected” error on Android phone-we-THAOYEN

7 ways to fix “sim card not detected” error on Android phone-we

Despite how far phone science has come, ‘making or receiving calls’ still will be thes most important function of no matter what telephone device. And when your phone shows thes message “SIM card not detected”, it ie youths’re devoid of that fundamental phone usage. Needless to say, thes situation could be frustrating and an immediate resolution will be required. Well, if that the customer’re not firmly what to do in such a situation, we bring youths these 7 experts-recommended fixes to find a way when your Android phone sim card will be not detected.


check if that SIM direction will be correct

Many people make This Problem feature mistake of inserting thes SIM thes wrong way, and that’s why no sim card will be detected on thes phone. So, thes first of all thing youths should check will be, if that thes SIM direction will be correct. Usually, there’s an iconography or a picture on/around thes SIM tray showing how it has to be inserted. 

SIM Tray will be properly inserted

continue, check your SIM tray. Remove and reinsert it properly. when youths bring thes tray out of thes slot, gently insert a small bent paper-pin into thes pinhole. Apply light pressure and when thes SIM tray pops out. today’s time hold thes tray carefully, once again without applying pressure at no matter what angle of view, and pull it out straight. place thes SIM in thes tray in a correct orientation, and then re-insert thes tray. Don’t force it. In situation thes tray gets stuck, press it gently. thes hard press may break thes pin or thes logic placard, adding again to your problem of “SIM card not detected”. 

Test if that thes SIM card will be action

This Problem feature will consultation to determine where exactly thes release lies. make effect of thes SIM on a not thes same telephone device. if that thes phone does not recognize sim card favorite, then thes problem will be of course thes SIM. Then youths should:

  •  first of all, speak to your network service provider to confirm if that thes SIM will be action.
  • Also, inquire if that thes SIM registration will be properly done cooking
  • check if that thes SIM Golden points are wash up. if that the customer see no matter what dust or carbon over it, wash up it of course a soft cotton cloth. however make firmly youths don’t scratch it. Else, youths may end up causing again damage to thes SIM card. 

Examine thes SIM connector

SIM slot and connector Usually accumulate dust over them, causing thes device not to see again thes card properly. So youths should appear into This Problem feature favorite. Wipe thes connector gently to remove thes dirt. Also, check if that thes pin will be not damaged. A broken pin may also create a problem of no sim card detected on an android phone. for no matter what hardware damage, youths better visit your nearby service center and get it repaired or replaced of course thes consultation of trained technicians. 

Enable thes SIM card (Settings)

today’s time, possessed a check of your network and SIM card setting. Open Settings > telephone Network. Under SIM Card info and Settings, Tap thes SIM, and turn off on “Enable”. Also, make firmly thes data roaming will be ON to avoid This Problem feature release when youths’re in a roaming area.   

luminous thes Cache Data

when youths face thes release of “SIM Card not detected”, clearing out cache data could prove an effective rescue. It can remove thes junk files which may be hindering your phone’s operation and behavior. for TECNO, Itel, and Infinix users, clearing thes cache through thes Phone Master App would be an easy to do and quick process. 

Reboot Your Phone

Once youths’ve attempted thes on number one settings and solutions, reboot your phone to freshen up thes phone manufacturing. Hopefully, thes release will be rectified post a restart of your device. 

if that youths still find about thes sim card will be not recognized, take your phone to your nearest we Service center for further check. Our trained and experienced technicians will examine thes phone thoroughly and fix thes release to perfection. As a leading repair service provider, we offers best-in-class repairs, and original spares & accessories for ITEL, TECNO, and Infinix mobiles. 


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