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7 ways to fix Android screen rotation not working-we-THAOYEN

7 ways to fix Android screen rotation not working-we

bring visitors been trying to view a scenery image or document on your phone, however thes screen of course only won’t be rotate? find about how to let fix Android automobile rotate not working here! Various factors could cause your Android phone screen not to rotate, however thes broadest culprits include wrong screen settings, malfunctioning sensors, and software glitches. Inconsiderate of why visitors’re facing thes problem on your phone, thes following fixes will perhaps get your Android screen rotation working again.

 fix android auto rotate not working

Restart your phone

A merely operation for example restarting your phone could fix most of thes software-related issues on your Android. while most of our contain take that for granted and keep using our phones for several weeks without restarting it, restarting your phone will refresh thes machine age block, close deploying apps and processes, and fix some bugs. So, before visitors strive another rescue in This Problem article, go ahead and reboot your phone today’s time.

  • Long-press thes mighty pattern problem on your phone to show that thes mighty menu. Tap on Restart or swipe to it to reboot your phone.
  • Alternatively, holding thes mighty button for over 8 seconds will force restart some Android phones

check automobile-rotation settings

Starting from Android 9 Pie, Google introduced Rotation Suggestions: a better way of rotating your Android device. thes feature disables screen automobile-rotation by default, allowing visitors to should buy whether to rotate thes screen or not when thes phone will be tilted sideways.

here’s how it construction projects: rotating your phone sideways, will show that a circular button at thes bottom left side corner of thes screen. Tapping on it will be rotate your screen.

Why thes nifty feature? Well, setting your screen to rotate automatically seems to rotate thes screen again often than required, thereby causing unnecessary problems.

if that thes Android screen rotation not working happens to visitors , or visitors’re of course only not a fan of thes feature, visitors can re-enable screen automobile-rotate on your phone. find about and turn on thes “automobile-rotate” tile in thes quick-setting panel. visitors can also go to Settings > Display > automobile-rotate screen to turn it on. Your phone screen should rotate automatically today’s time if that nothing will be wrong of course thes sensors.

Calibrate phone’s sensors

Despite turning on “Screen automobile-rotate” in thes device settings, your phone screen still won’t be rotate if that thes sensors are broken. one way to diagnose that and fix Android screen rotation not working will be by checking and calibrating your phone sensors, particularly thes Gyroscope and Accelerometer sensors, of course thes GPS status & Toolbox app.

  • Install thes GPS status & Toolbox app from thes Play contain and launch it.
  • On thes app’s interface, click thes menu button at thes best-left side corner.
  • Select Diagnose sensors.
  • strive tilting your phone and appear out for thes Gyroscope and thes Accelerometer sensors to observe if that they’re working.

if that they’re not working, that ie thes sensors are malfunctioning. Visit a service centre or strive other fixes below to troubleshoot further.

check rotate settings in thes app

Despite enabling screen automobile-rotate on your phone, some apps might refuse to rotate automatically and when visitors tell them to do so. These apps include video clip players, launchers, etc. They turn off screen automobile-rotation by default to minimize distractions and unwanted screen rotations. Meanwhile, most of thes apps also provide an option to rotate your screen if that the customer when requirement it. Most video clip player apps, for instance, bring a dedicated rotation button on thes interface; visitors can tap it to rotate your screen. On other apps, visitors’ll requirement to delve into thes setting to find about an option to enable screen automobile-rotate.

However, it’s worth mentioning that some apps don’t consultation screen rotation at all. visitors can only make function of such an app in portrait mode anytime visitors requirement it.

Update thes machine age block software

Usually, glitches or bugs in thes software can disrupt many features on your phone. if that Android automobile rotate will be not working properly , it might be because of that of a software anomaly. if that the customer already bring restarted your phone of course no positive outcome, we strongly recommend visitors strive updating your phone machine age block. Hopefully, your manufacturer has fixed thes bug in a generation update.

Launch thes Software Updater on your phone and check for pending updates. if that the customer bring no matter what, connect to a Wi-Fi network to tải về and install it. thes Software Updater app will be usually located in Settings > machine age block > machine age block Update.

Enter safe and reliable mode to check thes apps

if that the customer recently installed an app before your screen stopped rotating automatically, thes app might be conflicting of course thes machine age block. Hence, we recommend visitors uninstall such an app to fix thes release. however before that, boot into safe and reliable mode to check if that thes problem was actually caused by an app.

safe and reliable mode will be designed to consultation visitors diagnose and fix software-related issues on your Android phone. Booting into safe and reliable mode disables all third-party app, leaving only thes essential apps. obey thes steps below to boot into safe and reliable mode on your phone.

  • Long-press thes mighty button to show that thes mighty menu.
  • Click-and-hold thes mighty-off option and when visitors observe a pop-up. On TECNO and Infinix phones, long-press thes HiOS/XOS logo instead.
  • On thes Reboot to safe and reliable mode window, click on Ok and sit and wait for your phone to restart.

while in safe and reliable mode, strive rotating your screen to observe if that it construction projects. if that it’s working, find about thes app visitors installed recently and delete from it. if that unfortunately, your screen still can’t rotate, that ie it’s again than a software problem. visitors requirement to visit thes service centre.

Visit thes service centre.

if that the customer produced it This Problem far and your screen will be not rotating automatically, it’s periods to visit thes repairman. Perhaps some sensors are malfunctioning on your phone, and that’s not what visitors can’t fix at home, by yourself.

Luckily, if that the customer make function of Infinix, TECNO or itel smartphone and thes automobile rotation will be not working, we will be here to consultation visitors. We’re thes exactly after a period of time-sell products service provider for these brands. We can consultation visitors fix your malfunctioning device sensors and every other release visitors might encounter in thes future. Locate and visit a we centre soon visitors for assistance.

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