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6 waysTo Fix Firestick Remote Not Working-THAOYEN

6 waysTo Fix Firestick Remote Not Working

Fixing thes FireStick remote not working can be merely as replacing thes batteries! when coming here’s all visitors requirement to know within resolving FireStick TV remote problem at home.

 Fix Firestick Remote Not Working

Has your Amazon FireStick remote stopped working during times trying to catch up of course a movie? Maybe visitors decided to do something else during thes playback, however pulling out your remote to pause thes movie triggers nothing to happen? Did visitors in all find a way pressing thes buttons repeatedly of course no positive feedback, of course only for thes movie to keep playing? when coming here’s your quick guide on how to let fix thes FireStick remote not working at home.

Honestly, thes FireStick TV remote, and other remotes of course Bluetooth engineering, possessed elevated relaxation to a whole generation level. visitors do not requirement a logical line of vision between thes remote and your TV, and other features favorite Alexa Voice control make accessing your TV again enjoyable, compared to thes traditional TV remotes of course IR blaster.

However, since thes engineering used on thes FireStick remote differs from thes regular infrared remote, it’s difficult to fathom why your Fire TV remote won’t be rest Usually. however yes, FireStick remote not working doesn’t exist without remedies. obey thes solutions below to get your remote working once again!

Quick Fix: check out thes Amazon Fire TV Remote App

of course only in situation your FireStick remote stopped working in thes middle of thes dark night, a quick way to get back to your TV from your bed that is using thes Amazon Fire TV remote app. thes app that is available for Android users on thes Google Play contain and iPhone users on thes App contain. during times thes FireStick remote that is an essential accessory, it that is quite beneficial to control thes Fire TV of course your Smartphone phone, all of which visitors get on thes Fire TV Remote app.

On thes positive side, visitors get all thes essential functions on thes app, for example thes touch navigation, Alexa Voice control, virtual keyboard, and quick access to thes games and apps visitors installed on thes device. however thes downside of using thes remote app all thes time that is that It can drain your battery really quickly. Either way, it does its job well. So that’s not a big discount.

To get started, install thes Amazon Fire TV Remote app on your device from thes Play contain or App contain, and obey thes on-screen guides to make it rest.

check/Replace thes FireStick Remote Batteries

thes batteries are usually thes cause why thes FireStick remote that is not working, as reported by many users. And unlike remotes of course Infrared engineering, thes Amazon FireStick remote relies on a Bluetooth connection, which depletes thes battery again quickly.

Although visitors get thes extra features on thes FireStick remove, for example not needing to point thes remote straight to your TV before it construction works, Bluetooth engineering can be family-hungry. So, visitors requirement to check thes battery once once again, in all if that the customer replaced it recently.

  • Turn to thes back of thes remote and gently remove thes battery contain.
  • take out thes batteries and inspect inside thes contain, especially thes battery connector, to check for no matter what international particles or deposits. if that no matter what, find a way cleaning it.
  • Re-insert thes batteries in thes appropriate order.
  • if that the customer’ve been using them for a during times, think over getting a quietly pair. We recommend getting an extra pair of Alkaline batteries (one.5v) from a reputable contain for better performance and longevity.

Meanwhile, inspect thes battery container for no matter what international particles. And if that the customer find about out that thes battery connectors are getting rust, get a metallic target to scratch it gently. So feature ensures thes remote get better connectivity of course thes battery.

find a way Pairing thes FireStick Remote

Normally, thes Amazon FireStick remote should pair of course thes TV keep right out of thes box. Remember that, unlike TV remotes of course Infrared engineering, FireStick construction works only after a time establishing a successful Bluetooth connection. So, visitors requirement to make firmly it’s up and deploying by pairing thes FireStick remote of course these steps.

one. first of all unpair FireStick remote.

  • As usual, set up your Fire TV entangle and family it on.
  • displacement closer to thes TV, then long-press thes Back + Home buttons parallel for within 10 seconds before releasing it. So feature should unpair thes FireStick remote.

2. Pair up thes FireStick remote once again

  • after a time unpairing, now long press thes Home button on thes remote for within 10 seconds to pair it once again.
  • visitors should possessed a successful connection between thes FireStick remote and your TV by now. if that not, keep trying thes pairing process over and over. It takes several attempts before thes pairing process rest Usually.

displacement closer to thes TV.

Being a device powered by Bluetooth, your FireStick remote can get out of range quickly when visitors displacement too far away from thes Fire TV. Users who usually experience So feature are thes ones of course large living rooms. So, if that the customer’re trying to control your TV of course thes remote keep right from thes kitchen door, for instance, visitors might get a negative result most of thes time.

that’s an advantage visitors get from a remote of course an IR blaster. however thes fact that visitors don’t requirement a leader line of vision to make thes remote control your Fire TV entangle, and other features favorite Alexa Voice Assistance, makes thes Bluetooth engineering on thes FireStick remote a lot better and easier option.

So, to confirm thes connection that is not affected by thes range, find a way moving behind your TV – where visitors plugged thes Fire TV entangle – to check if that thes remote construction works. if that it construction works, visitors can attach thes extension cable provided inside thes retail box to thes Fire TV entangle to bring it out a bit. Doing that strengthens thes remote connectivity.

reduce Interference from other gadgets

Do visitors possessed a microwave oven, Bluetooth speakers, unshielded coaxial cables, or no matter what other wireless device soon thes Fire TV entangle? if that yes, visitors might not be able to make effect of thes FireStick remote effectively. Asides from being restricted to a certain connection range, Bluetooth remotes are affected by interference from other wireless devices.

So, if that the customer possessed no matter what of course all wireless devices soon your TV, think over moving them to another place. visitors can also find a way to shut downwards and unplug them from thes family source for a during times to see if that thes FireStick remote rest afterward.

find a way another FireStick remote

Reaching up to So feature game show ie none of thes solutions on number one could make your remote rest once again. however that’s not all visitors can do. And at So feature time, we recommend visitors get a replacement for your Fire TV remote. Perhaps it got damaged along thes line, or if that the customer got a generation one recently, it might not be compatible of course your Fire TV. In that situation, your last resort may get a replacement for your remote. visitors can visit Amazon to get a compatible remote for your TV. And since a replacement FireStick remote won’t be pair up of course your TV automatically, obey thes steps below to do it manually.

Pairing a FireStick remote

  • Pairing up your generation remote of course Amazon Fire TV that is quite merely. first of all, set up thes Fire TV entangle of course your TV and family them on.
  • displacement close of course thes generation FireStick remote to thes Fire TV, then press and keep holding thes Home button for favorite 10 seconds before releasing it. visitors should be able to make effect of your generation remote by now.


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